Saturday, October 31, 2009

Weaver-Kruhoeffer Cabin walk CCC Camp Pelican Steven X and Mossy Equality

Re-exploring the Pelican Beach of my childhood with new eyes, Steven and I sat and connected with the energy of Peg and Pete Weaver who built this cabin in 1947 and then retired here in 1976. Pete passed over in Brainerd in 1981 in the cold depths of a January winter and Peg, remained here to finish out the front porch where she wrote on her computer and shared many stories with friends and relations until age 92, in the fall of 2002, Kerry Nate and I moved her into Woodland Assisted Living in Brainerd. Kerry Johnston became a special support person here over the years, and did the finishing work for her on the cabin. Thanks Kerry! Fun to see Steve here taking in the beauty and energy of the area on this fall day!

As we walked around the Pelican Beach and woods, we happened on the old CCC Camp where the washroom and water tower were as featured in Jim Henderson's book. We couldn't help but think of the beauty of the equal signs. Like the logo of HRC and the desire of a lot of us who are two spirited, to have true equality and share the beauty of this life with full recognition and acceptence of all people. Thanks for being a bright light!

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