Thursday, June 7, 2018

HHB Minnesota Camp May 19-21 Framing Shelters event ---

Pink- Purple prairie flower on HHB sun dance grounds, MN Camp ----Elizabeth and Penni had a bouquet picked already in their camp under the cook shack on Friday by the time Blaine, Nick and I arrived to set up our tents.  Saturday morning prep at the MN HHB Camp site.

Gary, Penni, Elizabeth and Eric arrived on Friday, and here are the posts on a cool and foggy Saturday morning that were delivered the day before , at the MN Camp site, ready for post hole digging and all.  
Having all the holes dug in the sandy soil, 10 total, crew getting ready to bring the sides up and tie to the center, a "hip roof" construction, where water drains to 4 directions. 

Gary, Eric and Terry, with the frame nailer, ready to secure the the evolving frame

Jim, Jeff, Scott and Terry, starting to bring the frame together. 

Carpenter Jim, Blaine and Pat, at the hip roof beams -joists---are coming together.....
With the frame up and 2 x fours ready to receive the metal roof, carpenters, Jeff and Jim put up the first piece of the roof.

Mid Day progress, Elizabeth and Penni taking photos of the roof being added, with Gary measuring 2 x 4"'s 
Penni's photo of the crew, Jim, Jeff, Gary, Tom and Pat as the roof is expanded  

 Roof on the south side, Nick, Jim, Jeff, Terry, Blaine, Pat and Gary  --------

Panorama of the grounds from Minnesota Camp on Saturday. 

Sunday morning with basalt rocks, a gift from Dino, in the foreground, showing the full hip roof and structure we put up on Saturday.

Sunday progress on Elsie and Duane's shelter, Jeff, Pat, Jim, Duane and Terry.....

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

12 hour Sunday Feb 11 Drive - Atlacholoaya, Morelos, near Cuernavaca to Punta de Mita Bahia de Banderas, Nayarit --Adventures from Don Goyo's Casa

Sunday drive -----on the Autopistas in Mexico "The Mexican limited access highway network is the largest in the Americas outside the USA. The construction is generally financed by toll (quota) revenue (thus user fees) rather than fuel taxes, thus the toll (quota) rates are usually rather high, about MXN $$1–$2 per kilometer ($1.6–$3.2/mi), roughly 15–30 US cents per mile (9.3–18.6 ¢/km) for private cars and motorcycles. Toll plazas along the mainline charge tolls (quotos) anywhere from MXN $20 to $300, or USD $1 to $15." from

Then Monday awakening to the surf and a venture with Don Goyo to the Altavista petroglyphs and grotto for a cool water experience!

 Had a nurturing breakfast at the Oasis
--> Quinta el Zopilote, in  Atlacholoaya,  --> Quinta el Zopilote, at 8 AM prior to getting on the road around 9 AM for a 12 hour drive, mostly on Autopistas, across the high plains of Mexico ----------Here is a typical view from the car seat on a VW Jetta, that served as my pony!  Gracias to Alfredo of Avis in Puerto Vallarta for helping to choose this pony for our adventure!  
 Green fields and mountains along the Autopista

 Morning views, first light during my meditation time and then at breakfast with one of the local workers clearing out the pool, with the Bahia de Banderas behind ----

I had arrived after dark to the home of Don Goyo, Craig and Viviana---and in the morning of Monday, noticed some of the touches of the home that honors the Turtle, Tortuga ----

Turtle honored in this mosiac of local stone  ----- 
Some of the plants in the garden that Viviana, Don Goyo's Mexicano esposa --has planted and maintained in around their casa of 17 years plus !

Great beach and environment to start digesting my trip on my 12 day in the country  - Love the sound of the surf and the whales out in the bay! 

Beach in front of the Casa de Don Goyo and Viviani ----
 View of the Casa from the beach, protected by manzanita and palm trees

Don Goyo, Craig Minea Citizen of Mexico and Carleton Classmate of 1969 gassing up his white pony at the local Pemex with an Oxxo behind (a Mexicano 7-11 type store)---He gracefully drove to give myself a rest after my long drive on Sunday from Xochitepec Morelos, to La Cruz, Nayarit ---
My total mileage for 13 days, was 2139 km or 1329 miles!

The Altavista Petroglyphs site was our vision of a quiet respectful  and prayful  visit

Altavista petroglyph complex

After we parked on this road above the valley to find the petroglyphs, we came across a pick by the field of trees  --- rather dry this time of year--

Dry fields along the road during our walk  ---- 

A prickly fruit in the field  --not sure what this tropical fruit is?   

Here is the sign by at the entry to the path up the valley to the grotto  - we paid 50 pesos to an elder, usually 20 pesos to honoring the caretakers and the land

One that looks like an arrow?

A cross and a multiple infinity sign -------

A cross with wide bases on the same rock as above --

The "corn man"as we noticed many offerings here  ----
The cool water grotto where we each took a dip  ---the was a group of 7 young American adults with kids, from Portland Oregon when we arrived who were very respectful and then Jorge from Tepic driving a CDMX tour vehicle had his dog and about 4 rather loud American Tourists from NY and CASome water still flowing now during the dry season in the grotto ----
 Jorge from Nayarit Uncovered Tours with 4 rather loud American Touristas ---(his black dog out of view)
Some cairns, stacked rocks above the grotto with Jorge's tour group below

Don Goyo, AKA Craig M and Tom W, two 1969 Carleton Grads at the grotto , photo by one of Jorge's tourist people 

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

CDMX Stolen iphone to Quinta El Zopilote

My blogging stopped on Feb 7, when Juan and I took the Metro to the center of town, and my iphone with all my contacts, etc was stolen by a pick pocket as we rush to change trains  ----this was below the plaza of the old temple  ---we learned a lot about the differences of Apple MX and US and ATT MX and US, which don't seem to be connected too well ----I decided I needed a navigation device, and as my US Phone # will not be recognized in MX, I got a new "golden" Mexico I phone from Apple MX and then Juan took me to AT&T Masaryk in Polanco to see the options

 Juan talking with Daniel of AT&T MX who set me up with a MX SIM Card for the rest of my time, 6 days in Mexico  -----
 Here is the home of Juan and his mom, just a couple of blocks from Chapultepec Park, with my white Jetta Rental car and his red car as he backs out of his garage  ----I moved from my Airbnb about a 15 min walk after two nights when Maya's neighbors complained about my car --to a larger space Juan graciously offered me  ---and where I felt more safe ----
Juan closing up the garage as we prepared for the drive south to the gathering place of MKP NALB, to be of service --

Here at the gate into  Quinta El Zopilote, that I call a healing oasis, is a sign on the brick wall  ----that I drove through after the journey from CDMX up the mountains to the village of
--> Atlacholoaya, Morelos near the city of Cuernavaca Classical Nahuatl: Cuauhnāhuac [kʷawˈnaːwak] "near the woods" 
There is a constant supply of running water in channels, for watering the plants and here is one of the village women doing her laundry just outside the gate where I stayed for three nights while the MKP North American Leader Body met here --- 
Tree shaded parking area, where my Jetta is behind the tree with MKP men arriving on Thursday 
Another view of the parking plaza with Christina's car, the owner and visionary for the center to the left of my rental car. 
 Richard Torres, the coordinator of the weekend, was kind enough to give Juan and me lodging for the first night where I could set up my outdoor "office " here, enjoying the "new" MacBook Pro my son Jesse so kindly gifted me during the holidays ----not very stable internet connections AND could sit and write and load in photos from my Iphone Mexicano Aqui!
I was visited by this local mariposa, swallow tail butterfly who seems to enjoy the nector of the Bougainvillea vines  -- 
 Fountain and cobblestone plaza with men of the NALB  ---
Food was prepared by local woman from the village ----fresh fruit, veggies, with healthy Mexican menus ----  
Here is a typical spread of food ------
 And some of the local women who prepared our meals behind the kitchen in the morning

More views of the oasis area 

Tree and bamboo near the PIT building I slept in the last two nights

 Altar for the temescal
 Sedges and fountain in the temescal area
Top of the temescal and view toward toward the kitchen 
 Morning after our temiscal on Saturday night