Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving at Jesse and Amy's home in St Cloud 2015

I drove up from St Louis Park to arrive at Jesse and Amy's home around noon,  after a light snow here in the Twin Cities.  Jesse greeted me at his front door attired in the Pendleton Wool Shirt I gave him last year!  Here he is in his kitchen having sliced up the cheese from Trader Joe's I bought and the venison sausage his Aunt Jill Johnson Schmidt had thoughtfully sent to me this past week. In front are the brussel sprouts Amy was preparing for roasting.  MMMM

 Jess sampling the venison and cheese, with the dicing of celery for the salad in process.
Amy working on cutting up veggies for the salad, as Jesse and I have cheese, venison sausage and crackers with green bottles of water, reused from the TJ Triple Ginger Brew case of 12 I pick up each year.
Nate in the center arrived to make chicken delight, a family favorite with chicken cooked with Chinese 5 spice herbs in a sauce.  Orange label is an second kind of non alcoholic ginger beer called Bundeberg from Australia I discovered at Steve Borden's Halloween Party, where The Julia Child part of me was enhanced by the creativity of my nephew-niece, two spirited Bobbi(e) F.  I met in April as a New York MKP Gateway weekend. 

 John Bernard, is dressing his salad. He provided the two bottles of Menage a Trois red wine for the event.

John, Sue, Nate, Jesse and Amy a the thanksgiving pot luck table where each of us contributed something for the easy does it feast.

My plate in front, with green salad (Amy) with tabouli (Sue) pork tenderloin with sweet potatoes me and mashed potatoes with brussel sprouts and chicken delight.  TJ's Triple Ginger Brew (no alcohol) and 18 oz reused green glass bottles full of just water. (John and Sue enjoying the food)

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Growing my Tiospaye 1980's to present - Returning to the waters and lands of the Prairie Lakes Of Turtle Island for reflection and renewal

 Yesterday, my friends, Stan Bookout, l, left and Andy Mickel right, with me in the green shirt in the middle, shared our visions of savoring this day, Tuesday, Nov 3, 2015, for a wonder filled 16 mile bike ride. I met Andy at his home in Prospect Park, across the Mississippi a couple blocks from  the iconic "Witches Hat"  water tower in South East Minneapolis.,_Minneapolis.

We then crossed over the Mississippi on the Franklin Ave Bridge, to meet up with Stan in the Seward neigborhood on the west side of the river.   Then on the Greenway straight west to the lakes, Lake of the Isles to Calhoun, Bde Maka Ska (Lake Earth White) and some say Mde Mdoza, Bde Bdoza (Lake Loons) see below.

Here we are stopped at the south end of the Lake, recently named Bde Maka Ska in addition to the Lake Calhoun Name.  Some interesting history from "Thursday Night Hikes: Lake of the Isles Hike Architecture Notes, Part 1Observations on Architectural Styles, Part 1 -Lake of the Isles Hike Assembled by Lawrence A. Martin Webpage Creation: April 10, 2003 "Lake Calhoun was originally known as "Mde Mdoza" or "Lake of the Loons." It was renamed by Army surveyors sent by then Secretary of War, John C. Calhoun, to map the western lands in 1817. John Caldwell Calhoun was also the Vice-President of the United States from 1825 to 1832. Missionaries Samuel Pond and Gideon Pond arrived in 1834 on the eastern shore of the marshy lake at the large village "Marh'piya Wicasta," the village of Dakota chief Cloud Man. In 1911, the Park Board dug the channel linking Lake Calhoun, Lake of the Isles, and Cedar Lake."

A Personal Review of Gratitude - My life path and my connections with Life, Wiconi, and natural history and storytelling.  

Part of My Journey, Zuya of Life, has involved a deepening connection with making relatives with Creation, with the plant and animal nation as well as the Two Leggeds, the Ikce Wicasa

 Since 1968, at, least with the photos I have personally taken on my Zuya, life's journey in Dakhota-Lakhota,   I have developed a particular interest in plants, water, and rivers, being out in Nature and learning to respect and live as part of natural systems, that support life in a good way.

Now in the autumn of 2015, I am dropping into my elder body, of 68 winters, wani'yetu wikce'mna shakpe sum sahdo'gan, to reflect on that path, updating things with my current circle of friends, my growing tiospaye, family of choice circle that also includes some of my biological family.  Thanks for your willingness to read, and I looking forward to further connections that support my current mission of service "I  co create a world of safety peace and trust, through curious listening, reflecting and acknowledging, freeing myself and others to be fully alive"  Wi chozani Mitakuye Oyasin

Summer, We'tu, 1968 - Tom Weaver as a 21 yr old summer session student between Jr and Sr year at Carleton, where I was a biology and education major. In 1968,  I enrolled in a limnology, lake ecology class taught by Dr Jim Underhill of the U of Minnesota, and plant taxonomy class, taught by Dr John Thompson of the U of Wisconsin, Madison.
Staying in the student cabins, a friend took this photo of a small 4 legged, a least chipmunk that felt safe enough to climb up for a visit here. Tamias minimus

Summer 1968, driving my first car, the 1949 Buick Woodie Estate Wagon, at the Enterance to the University of Minnesota Forestry and Biological Station.  I purchased this car from my parents in 1964, when they brought a new 1965 Chrysler.  Note the basketball in the back window, as I was still playing that sport.
 1968 Dr John Thompson with students out on the prairie to the west of Lake Itasca, Waupun Prairie with"DSanders and MGropelli" as students.

Minnesota State Flower, Showy Lady Slipper photo by TW during the 1968 class.
1972  Dr Ted Olson Professor of Environmental Science U of Minnesota, School of Public Health testing water sample at St Croix River where there are pools soured out by rocks south of Taylors Falls. He was an elder with a lot of knowledge about tropical diseases and the environment.
While at the U of M Medical School from 1969- 1974, I enrolled in the School of Public Health and took classes in Epidemiology and Environmental Science.  Along with Dr Don Lawrence PhD in the Dept of Botany with whom I assisted in his Field Botany and Ethnobotany (Plants Useful to Man), Dr Olson was a mentor who encouraged a deeper understanding of and connection to ecological and natural systems.
"Theodore Alexander Olson attended the University of Minnesota earning a degree in biology in 1926 and worked as an instructor in Entomology.
He resigned from the University in 1928 and began working for the Minnesota State Board of Health (Minnesota Department of Health). While at the State Board of Health as an associate biologist, Olson conducted research at the Harvard Biological Laboratories.
In 1938 he rejoined the University of Minnesota as an Assistant Professor in Preventative Medicine and Public Health. During World War II, Olson served with the Seventh Service Command Headquarters from 1942 to 1946. After returning to the University, Olson oversaw the establishment of a teaching and research facility in sanitation biology in the newly organized School of Public Health.
Olson’s early post-War research focused on the transmission of human pathogens via cockroaches as disseminators of Salmonella and other diseases. In 1956, Olson’s research focus shifted to freshwater pollution and the environmental quality of Lake Superior. This change realigned Olson’s work with his earlier freshwater research while at the State Board of Health and Harvard University in the 1930s.
Theodore Olson retired as Professor Emeritus School of Public Health from the University of Minnesota in June 1973. He passed away in 2002 at the age of 97."

Lake Itasca Trip to Bike with Jim and Melanie Weaver Family from the East Coast.. CA 1991 ?

Note sure of the date.  Jesse Weaver blonde headed in the front with Jim Weaver, Sue Weaver and Nathan Weaver at the entrance to Lake Itasca State Park.  Itasca Veritas Caput - the name someone like Schoolcraft made up for the lake as the "True Source" of the Gizazippa (Mississippi) River to the Anishinabeg.

 Sue Weaver and Jim Weaver with biking safety head gear ready for a ride with the family.  ?1991?

Nathan Weaver, Jesse Weaver crossing the rocks of the small Mississippi as it leaves Lake Itasca, with Uncle -Lekshi (Lakota)  Jim Weaver in the background.

Jesse climbing the rocks and Uncle Jim on the other side.  CA 1991-2  
Group on the rocks at the source of the Mississippi, friend of Ken Weavers, from Boston MA area, Ken Weaver, Nate Weaver, Jim Weaver, Melanie Weaver and Jesse Weaver....1991-2??
 Here in 1995, the summer, when Nate was enrolled at Concordia Language Village German Camp Waldee, my German tehanshi, brother, Manfred Kazenmeier, whom I met on the Rosebud Indian Reservation in South Dakota in 1990,  joined us at the camp.  Jesse Weaver shared in this stop at Itasca that summer.
Nate, Manfred and Jesse at the source of the Mississippi 1995.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

New DIscoveries, With Deeper Research - Editing and Rewriting Cousins at CA 1928 Dinner in West Carrollton...and more

Editing and Rewriting  - When learning new connections and mistaken identities........more shall be revealed :-)

One of the important parts of my quest for clarity on family genealogy, is to have accurate information. Over the years since beginning to collect family data, having the date of a photo, the clear identification of each person and the location have served to be data points, to collect for family story telling. I have done many corrections, like in my 12 step program, step 10 "when I am wrong promptly admit it!" :-)  For me, this photo has illustrated how my view keeps changing as I have looked more deeply for information.  My early "projection" that is, my prejudice, is that the stocky guy in the back was Charles Eicher with son Billy...and the dates and age of the boy just did not add up.  So earlier this year, when I cataloged the Noah Elwood Albums from his trips east in 1928-9 I discovered the Roehm family with step son Tim (Laurence Reichelderfer). William H Eicher, Billy was born in 1927, and Tim, Laurence in 1920, and the photos of the trip made it clear that Gladys Cotterman Roehm is next to Tom Roehm Sr here and that the boy looks to be around 8 years of age.
So, I am posting this to update a mistaken caption for the photo below.  For Sarah and Gino at Wright State Archives.    The title I used when I dropped off the albums "1932-3(600dpi) FormalDinner321EMainBirthdayCake?L-RJosephineBrandtHansen HansHansen MinnieMaeStupp EicherCharlesEicherBillyEicher EdnaEWeaver LauraIsler
DanIsler EstherEicher HenryEicher(diedJan1933)  - I am revising and changing the 3 named in red to Gladys Cotterman Roehm, Tom Roehm and Tim Reichelderfer.

My new information would have this at 321 E Main West Carrollton around 1928, with Josphine"Phinie"Brandt Hansen, Hans O Hansen, Gladys Cotterman Roehm, Thomas E "Tom" Roehm, Laurence "Tim" Reichelderfer, step son of the Roehm's, Edna Eicher Weaver, Laura Shade Isler,  Daniel Webster Isler, Emma Esther Eicher and Henry Eicher. Photo by Noah Elwood Weaver
From NEW Album 1928 Glady Roehm and Tim - opening of mine
Tom Roehm , Tim and Gladys on road trip by Noah E Weaver, 1928.
White Sulfur Springs 1928 Tom Roehm, Paul H Weaver bending, Gladys Roehm and Tim Reichelderfer. 
Isler Home Dinner, Leekamp Pharmacy Calendar in back clearly says 1934 p35 of a NEWeaver album. 3women ? then Noah Elwood Weaver (standing) sitting: Edna Weaver, Paul H Weaver, Gladys Cotterman Roehm, "Tommy" Thomas E Roehm Jr born , Thomas E Roehm Sr, Hans O, Hansen, woman? ,youngman? .

Cursive handwriting of Phinie, Josephine Brandt Hansen, in the book published in London 1917 entitled Beetles and Flies.  "Dec 1917. To Paul Henry Weaver from Cousins Phinie and Hans."
My father Paul Henry Weaver was the first grandchild and his name came from Paul of the Paul Family lineage from Germany and the Henry from the Eicher German side. He was relieved to have a nickname "Pete" given to him when he left home and went to Antioch in Yellow Springs, 
Cover of the natural history book published in London in 1917, given to my father by his Cousins who were like an uncle and aunt to him.  Grateful for the passing on my natural history education in my family tree!  

Monday, September 21, 2015

Ethyl Elizabeth "Betty" Eicher and Mary Parker Brown - Two School Teachers Raised in Miami River Valley early 20th Century

1915 Elizabeth "Betty" Eicher, Aunt Emma Esther Eicher and Paul H Weaver at Henry and Esther rural home, NW corner of Bellbrook Rd and Springboro Pike Miami Twp east of West Carrollton village.

E Elizabeth Eicher b March 1913 with mother Minnie Mae Stupp, Miamisburg OH.  

 West Carrollon OH area photo CA 1915 Elizabeth "Betty" Eicher, Henry Eicher, Paul Henry Weaver on stone wall.   (Area church ?) by Noah Elwood Weaver

Charles Eicher home, on 827 East Central Miamisburg, with Betty Eicher in the front yard.

 CA 1918 Elizabeth "Betty Eicher" white dress and bow.  portrait buy war bonds, WWI and flag.

Betty Eicher on the front steps of the Eicher family home on E Central in Miamisburg

Betty Eicher as a young girl in front of the family home 827 E Central Miamisburg Ohio CA 1920.

Betty Eicher 1931, Graduation from Miamisburg High School.
Betty Eicher 1939 Ohio State Graduation - Age 26
Betty Eicher with brother Billy H Eicher (born Feb 1927) and Minnie Mae Stupp Eicher

Ethel Elizabeth Eicher's BA Diploma in 1939 from OSU Columbus

Portrait of Miss Elizabeth Eicher, 403 Park Ave Franklin OH, taken Dec 1939.
Betty Eicher letter from brother Bill in 1945, living 403 Park Ave Franklin Ohio with Mary Parker Brown

Letter addressed to Betty and Mary Parker in 1945 from brother Bill now in the military. 
 Mary Parker Browns diploma from Franklin High School

 Photo of Mary Parker Brown, Studio in Franklin OHIO

Mariam Mary Parker Brown Vassar BA MDCCCX VIII June

 Betty Eicher, portrait CA 1940 by Studio in Virginia.

Mary Parker Brown 

Friday, September 18, 2015

Germany Visit Aug 2008 Sustainable Energy Ideas from the Koch Family - Friends of Andy M

 In August of 2008, I was welcomed to the home of Carsten and Suzanna Koch, near Bremen in Deutschland.  Carsten is a friend of Andy Mickel who in 2015 is now traveling in Germany and sent me an updated photo from the Koch family estates.
Carsten in the beard with his family in Aug 2008, photo by Tom Weaver

Carsten's office, Bureau auf Deutsch.  He and Andy met through their common interest in computers and programming I recall.

Suzanna and her son, with the chocolate I brought to share with coffee outside.
The quiet "guest cabin' I stayed in while visiting the Kochs.  Very serene as I recall.
Here is my outside "office" where I sat to catch the wifi internet in the morning with my MacBook, the same MacBook I still use today in 2015!  This was before I started my blog, which you are reading, in 2009.

Germany and Energy Efficient Housing 2008 to 2015

 During my short visit, I became intrigued by the commitment of the Koch's to using alternative sustainable energy technology for their new Energy Efficient Home under construction.  Here is a photo of one of the construction phases.
 Carsten and kids during construction.
Another photo of energy efficient home during construction. 

Photo of home in Sept 2015 sent by Andy Mickel who is now visit in Europe.  Thanks Andy. Fun to see the finished product.