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Faribault Friends of Dr Paul H Weaver and Margaret G Weaver captured in slides

 1959  Silvis Home, Marge Silvis, Peg Weaver, By Berhow, Ed Silvis by Paul H Weaver

1960 slide #58. Marge and Ed Silvis "In Pakistani garb" in Weaver Living Room Faribault, by PHW 
 Sept 1960 Effie Haessley Home, Mrs Beebe (widow of General Beebe) Marge Silvis.
Ed Silvis, Peg Weaver, Dr Shah, Faribault by PH Weaver slide #221

 1960 Sept, Mrs Beebe, Effie Haessley, Ed Silvis, Peg Weaver, Dr Shah and Marge Silvis by PHW slide #220
 Oct 1960 at St James School Headmaster's home, Marv Horstman. L - R  _____?, Ed Silvis, Byron Berhow,  (Peg Weaver's hair) Marv Horstman.
 1960 Oct lide Peg Weaver with Peggy Agerter at Marv Horstman's St James School Faribault  by PHW slide #238
1960 Marge Silvis, woman in blue?, man, glasses and sport coat, Marv Horstman, by PHW

Monday, May 25, 2015

Faribault Minnesota Colored Kodak Slides, Images from Paul H Weaver MD in the late 1960's

 1965 image of Angel Lillo, an art teacher and classically Spanish trained sculptor with female nude Faribault MN. 
 Rita Orr, a friend and neighbor in Southern Heights Faribault, with her Bonanza airplane, 1967, to take my parents on a round trip to Albert Lea, spring 1967.
 1967, Rita with her Beechcraft Bonanza at the Faribault airport, checking to see if ready for take off.
 1967 View of Faribault looking east, new Senior High below the wing, with view of the viaduct, MN Hwy 60 on the left.
 1967 Faribault City Scape looking SE from Rita Orr's airplane, St Mary's Hall, Viaduct of Hwy 60, State Schools on the east side, with city buildings on the west. 
 1967 Faribault, Woolen Mills lower left corner, Shattuck School on the hill above the Straight River.
 1967 Bully Wells and Cannon Lake looking west from the air.
1967 Interstate 35 looking north, with the split in the road just north of Faribault, Paul H Weaver from plane of Rita Orr.

Travelers Club, a Faribault Institution: From Rememberings of an 83- Year Old Grandma, By Margaret G Weaver AKA Peg Weaver, p 61-62 "Pete and I were invited to join Travelers' Club, an old, prestigious Faribault organization of about thirty members, mostly couples. Traditionally the heads of the Episcopal and the State Schools were members. Dinner was followed by one or two members presenting papers on assigned topics or a musical program. The gala Christmas banquet was always held at one of the Episcopal schools with a musical program in which I often participated. One year I presented several solos, one with a cello obbligato which I had composed, including a few double stops, for a French art song, Cher Nuit by Bachelet. Doug Lyle, the string instrumental instructor in the Faribault    Schools, played the cello.
The members of Travelers' Club with larger houses were selected for meeting places, which made ours a prime candidate. When we first belonged, the host and hostess entertained by themselves, which was no small task, having thirty people for a rather elaborate dinner, no casseroles or simple food. Later when two couples hosted, we entertained with the Agerters, the Craigs (until they moved to San Antonio, Texas), the Hultquists (until they moved to Anoka). At our house, Tom, at about age four, pointing to Reg Kramer, exclaimed in rather a loud voice, "Oh, you're bald." Not cracking a smile, Reg ignored the remark. I really didn't enjoy this entertaining and did not see the necessity of having a dinner precede the presentation of papers. Frequently after meetings at our house, some of our close friends, such as, the Craigs, Silvi, Hultquists, Martha Robbins, Mary Horstman, would stay for drinks. One time a phone call from Dagmar Engberg inquired if I might have found her teeth! She explained that she had removed her upper plate and wrapped it in Kleenex, but had not found it when she returned home. Would I please look for it. So all of us hysterically searched the waste baskets, and what-not. No teeth. The following morning Dagmar called that she had found them. After a Christmas meeting at Mary Horstman's, Ed Silvis, who was then a new member and was rather easily embarrassed, referred to Basil Rathbone as "Rasil Bathbone".When we belonged to Travelers', the members included (as best as I can recall): Shattuck faculty - Jean and Nuba Pletcher, Mary and Richard Kingham, Frances and Brad Craig, Peggy and Ken Agerter, Reg and Ethel Kramer; St. Mary's faculty - Maggie Robertson, Martha Robbins after Maggie Robertson resigned as Headmistress to many; St. James faculty - Mary Horstman; State School and Colony - Ed and Dagmar Engberg, Eva and Heinz Bruhl; State School for the Deaf - Dorothy and Howard Quigley: Superintendent, Faribault Public Schools - Laura and Willard Cross - Superintendent of the Faribault Public Schools, Lillian and Bob Norman, after Willard Cross resigned; Bern and John Foster, Fan and Ben Cowperthwait, Effie Haessley, Helen and Wayne Hultquist, Isabella and Rod Kiekenapp, Mary and Wayne VanKirk, Marge and Ed Silvis, Rita and Burt Orr. "

Recently I discovered some Photographic slides from 1968, labeled by my mom, #4213 "Family and Friends, Travelers Club Lavender Inn, March '68 Reg Kramer, Burt Orr, Izz Kiekenapp, Barbara Kinney, Bob Reed, Peg (Weaver). Rod Kiekenapp.

1967   Slide #4213, with back row facing, Reg Kramer, Burt Orr (back to camera), Isabell "Izz"Kiekenapp, Barbara Kinney (back to camera), Bob Reed with glasses, Rod Kiekenapp, (back to camera) and Peg Weaver.  I think the man in the foreground is Dr Heinz Bruhl.

 1967   Slide #4214,  Behind (as above)  Reg Kramer, Barbara Kinney (back to camera), Izz Kiekenapp, Rod Kiekenapp (back to camera) Bob Reed standing, brown jacket?, Peg Weaver, and in front labeled by Peg Weaver "Bob Speckhals, Mrs Martin (Beryl Martin, Judge Martin's wife) , and EJ Engberg.By Paul H Weaver

1967 Slide #4215 Burt Orr in front, in back Eva Bruhl, Stu Kinney (standing) and Helen Reed, Also in front on right, Barbara Kinney in blue plaid, and Rod Kiekenapp.

Some of the folks facing the camera, L to R Eva Bruhl, Rod Kiekenapp, Rita Orr, Barbara Kenney (Heinz Bruhl, side view) and Burt Orr. Slide # 4216

1967 slide # 4317, Eva Bruhl, Helen Reed (pointing)  ?, ?

#4218  Drs Heinz Bruhl and Burt Orr,  Reg Kramer, facing camera, Barbara Kinney back and woman with heart ?  By PHW

Sunday, May 10, 2015

1922 Noah Elwood Weaver Family Photos Lake Erie and Visits to Mansfield, Cleveland, Canton and more

  Still working on Noah Elwood Weaver's many albums.  The large Format Album from 1912 through the 1920's has intrigued me now.  I delivered five albums to Wright State University Archives last Month, and now an focusing on identifying the names and locations of others.

Noah Elwood Weaver in his white suit, hat and shoes, on a 1917 page when he visited Hans O Hansen and family in Canton Ohio. 

1917 Noah Elwood with son Paul Henry Weaver, in front of the Hans and Phenie Hansen home, Canton Ohio.

My dad, Paul Henry Weaver, ca 1917, age 6, with Laople and his sister. Hans Hansens garage in Canton OH

Although this photo is on the same page as some 1922 Lake Erie Scenes, the Ohio License Plate says 1920.  I think this is a Buick, and I see Henry Eicher eating what appears to be a sandwich and Edna Eicher Weaver, his youngest child sitting inside. Rural Ohio somewhere, not labeled AND likely the conveyance for the family throughout Ohio.
On the back of this photo, no page ID yet is written July/22 Cedar Point.   In 1922 Paul Henry Weaver, my dad, was 11 years of age, having been born Dec 24, 1910, here on the beach being buried partially in the sand with his dad, Noah Elwood Weaver smiling, with the photo likely taken by Edna Helena Eicher Weaver.    Of interest is there is no focus on the Amusement Park with rides at Cedar Point. 

July 1922  Edna Eicher Weaver in summer dress, at the beach of Cedar Point OHIO, Lake Erie. 

Labeled "Lagoon, Cedar Point July/22. 

1922 Overview of Cedar Point Beach.  Note the black smoke from a steam ship in the west. 

1922 Noah Elwood Weaver, Cedar Point Beach,  in the front smiling with Paul Henry in the wave to the right.  And black smoke from a steamer in the background. 
1922  C & B Ferry, State of Ohio

1922 July labeled PHW, labeled Edgewater Park, Cleveland. 

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Weaver Family Faribault MN 1963-64 Slide Transparencies - Jack and Jim returning from college for Holidays Peg Weaver's Typing and Mushroom Hobby

 From the transparency slides of my parents, Paul H "Pete" and Margaret "Peg" G Weaver I just discovered a box in storage while doing spring cleaning and clearing from 1959 into the 70's

Fall 1963 family dog Blackie, with Jack Weaver and his Pontiac with Illinois plates.   I remember his driving up from Monmouth IL for holidays.  Also took the train...

Jack Weaver, age 20 with his mom, Faribault driveway with his Pontiac car. 

Fall 1963 Jack, dad, Paul H "Pete" , and Tom Weaver.   Driveway Faribault with Jack's Pontiac
December 1963 Jack and Jim Weaver at the Rock Island Depot with Jack's Guitar and luggage.  Flash photo by PH Weaver
 Weaver family Dec 1963, Paul H "Pete". Jim, Peg, Tom and Jack.  Living room, note Christmas tree in the doorway mirror .  Ages 53, 23, 53, 16 and 20. Note the slide projector with the yellow Kodak Slide Boxes in front of my dad on the right.  We had a tradition of making slide shows and sharing of our travels and how life occurred to us.  Jim returned from Connecticut where he was attending Yale University, a tradition in the "Cowles" side of the family.  Jack returned from Illinois where he was attending Monmouth College. 

 1962, Jim Weaver's Chevrolet (early 1950's model)  that I remember he got from NSP as a used car.  I remember driving with him in such a car, in 1962 after he graduated from Carleton College to find lodge in New Haven CT, where he entered Yale University Grad School in Physics.

Peg Weaver's Ability to Type and Write.   Stamp Collecting and Mushroom Hobbies 

My mom, Peg Weaver, was a very efficient typist.  The story I heard, is that during the great depression of the 1930's she could not get a job with a BA in Art History at Oberlin, and thus she took some basic secretary courses in Columbus and landed herself a variety of jobs.  In her words from Rememberings p 29-30

"Deciding that I could probably get a better job if I could do shorthand as well as typing, I enrolled part-time at a business school while continuing my job at the YW. I had learned to type after my parents gave me a little, blue, Royal, portable typewriter with elite type for a high school graduation present. With the understanding that I would learn touch-typing, I enrolled, with Sarah Hartman and some other high school classmates, in a summer typing course at Findlay College. Typing papers in college provided practice. I passed the civil service exam, typing the required number of words per minute and taking shorthand satisfactorily, eventually leading to a job at Ohio State University.

Following that job, I worked full-time in the State Office of theYMCA, where I typed, took short hand, mimeographed -- and worked overtime. I continued to live at the YWCA, which was convenient and inexpensive.

Pete Weaver and I met at a symphony concert! Ty and I had had season tickets for a concert series and, one time when she wasn't able to go to a concert, she gave her ticket to Pete, thinking that he and I might hit it off -- and we did, although when he left me after the concert, he knew me only as "the red-headed roommate "

When my mom, got interested in mushrooms, and that started as early as 1960, when she was 50 "John F. Kennedy became President in 1960. I remember where I was when he was shot -- in the library of the Department of Plant Pathology at the University of Minnesota. I was copying information about mushrooms while Pete was attending a continuing education medical course in the Medical School. "

Peg Weaver 1961, age 51, typing with a manual typewriter.  I think the book on the table with a orange and black cover as a copy of The Mushroom Hunter's Field Guide. (1958, 1963) by Alexander Smith of the University of Michigan.

 Later Peg was to study with one of Dr Smith's colleagues, Bob Schaeffer at the U of Michigan Field Station. 
 In 1963, here is Peg with the first electric typewriter I remember her having.   She made the breakfast room into her office, where she kept up correspondence with mycologists throughout the world. 

Monday, April 20, 2015

Ancestral Hospitality in Southington- Plantesville CT - Mary and Dave Potter the hosts at Josiah Cowles Place!

I traveled from Cold Spring NY and the MKP NWTA weekend, to a quiet respite here in the hills of Connecticut last evening, April 19.    I had contacted Mary Potter some weeks ago by phone and email, as I had be doing family genealogy research on the Cowles lineage, and I had found a reference to the Captain Josiah Cowles Home that was available as a B& B on line.

  Dave Potter met me in the dusk when I parked my car  in one of the ample parking spaces. And after I got settled in the room in the upper right of this photo, he offered me a piece of chocolate cake, homemade with a welcome glass of milk, before I retired to a hot shower.
 Monday morning in the spring rain, my Minnesota Van parked in the driveway parking space, bike on the back.

Mary and Dave Potter, with their welcoming smiles and breakfast made to order with local maple syrup!   And plenty of good coffee too.

After breakfast, Mary took me in her car to the Quinnipiac Cemetery just down the road, about a block and direct me to the gravestones of my 7th and 6th generation ancestors. 

Here is the author, with the red stone grave maker of Gamaliel, B July 12, 1742 and died age 45, on the left, and Josiah's marker on the right.  It was Gamaliels son, Leonard Hamlet Cowles , who studied law at Yale, and moved to the new state of Ohio, to the area around Delaware, where his daughter Georgiana Cowles,  married Lewis Glessner . (Photo by Mary Potter)

 Josiah Cowles gravestone in the Quinnipiac Cemetery.
 Gamaliel  Cowles gravestone in the Quinnipiac Cemetery.  

Captain Josiah Cowles Place at 184 Marion, just a couple of minutes off of I 84, easy to find even in the dark!  

Contact information for Mary and Dave Potters hosts.  

Journey to Cold Spring NY, Surprise Lake Camp for GBTQA Rainbow Initiation Weekend.

On my way to staff my 4th Gateway as a volunteer for MKP International ,  I stayed in Middletown NY on Wednesday night after visiting with Jeff Thursday in Scranton PA where he shared great Sushi with me and then drove me on a tour of Scranton, the area of his birth and where he raised is family.   He is one of the owners of Master Supplements, the MN Company that created a line of high quality probiotics and enzymes that I worked with as an educator about all the friendly small allies humans have in our guts!  Thanks Jeff, and I forgot to take photos I was having so much fun.
From Middletown just into NY, I drove east toward Bear Mountain.  Here is the Bear Mountain Bridge on the Hudson, I crossed seen in the morning on the east side.

Driving north to the quaint town of Cold Spring where I had a Cafe Latte and a great chat with a woman who is finishing her Phd.
REI tent where I stayed close to Mother Earth with my trusty Dodge Caravan pony on the Camp Lake Surprise site, looking west with the morning sun on the hills.
Learning about the Hebrew Language at this 100 yr old Jewish family Camp.
Ceremonial time piece to keep us on schedule for the weekend.
Main lodge of the Camp Surprise Lake site where the weekend took place.