Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Era around 1920 Presidential Election - Ohio Centered - Two Newspaper Men - In Black and White NEW photos

Looking to find solice and a sober perspective about what it means to be "presidential" during this 21st Century on Turtle Island, known politically as the United States of America.   I was raised in rural Minnesota in the 50's and early 60's by parents who were raised in Ohio and mostly by those, in the Glessner and Weaver families who had been Taft Republicans.  I tend to be a middle of the road, red road, person who is fiscally conservative (I rarely have given money to politicians at all, and am socially the root, like Henry David Thoreau of the 19th C who lived by Walden Pond, I love to learn from Mother Earth and Creation and be connected to her. And noticing with an "Easy Does It" balance of heart and mind, that the current campaign with Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton on the blue side of the Democrats and The Donald Trump now on the red, Republican side, has a lot of drama and money at stake. And the media is so different now in the digital and mostly post TV environment my sons have experienced.  I am up meditating here in a gentle thunder storm on an early June morning...and find the photos of my ancestors, help me to drop into a calm reality.   And have experienced many politicians to speak with forked tongue.....just to get elected.  And I have enjoyed the Obama Presidency very much as Barack and Michelle have seemed grounded and bright, raising their two Afro- American daughters with grace during their 8 years in office.  Midwesterners through and through and for me, open hearted and intelligent ambassadors, just the right folks.  

Presidential Candidates in 1920 were both newspaper men, and knew the printed media to influence thinking and actions prior to radio and TV.    
Election humor of 1920, and the Harding vs Cox campaign, an all Ohio affair.  
1920 Doll like boy with a Cox  beanie, likely a campaign hat during the Harding - Cox Ohio election campaign.  NEW album 

Ca 1919-20 Henry Eicher, Noah Elwood Weaver and Paul Henry Weaver, 3 generations enjoying watermelon....
In 1920, Noah Elwood Weaver took photos of his travels to Marion Ohio, where Warren Gamaliel Harding, was running his presidential campaign from his porch.  from wii
ke "Harding begins his front porch campaign by accepting the Republican nomination, July 22, 1920. 
 Here is a photo during the campaign of Florence Kling Harding on the steps for the Marion home, by NEW.
Harding campaigning on his front porch in Marion OH - 1920 NEW family Album 
Context of the times, when Enda Eicher Weaver and son, Paul Henry Weaver with his grandpa, Henry Eicher are visiting Cleveland Ohio, the bigger city near Mansfield, Canton area where Uncle Hans and Phenie Hansen lived.
1920 license plate and Henry Eicher in the front seat of the family car, parked in front of the Mansfield Ohio State Reformatory where Han O Hansen worked as the head of the furniture factory to teach the men at the reformatory to have a skill and profession when leaving the facility. 
CA 1920 Mansfield area Summer Picnic with Weaver - Eicher  and Hansen cousins.  L - R Phinnie, Josephine Brandt Hansen,  Edna Eicher Weaver,  Hans O Hansen, Henry Eicher, by NEW
CA 1920 Paul Henry Weaver with swan, at Pond likely by the Mansfield Reformatory.  looks like the "beanie" hat was the style of the day for boys.
Swan in NEW Album.
Attire of regular folks during the era.

Black 2 cent stamp issued with the death of president Harding in 1923.
Commemorative gold coin issued for first lady Florence Harding in 2014.  

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Eicher Family and Miamisburg Lutheran Church 1922 Sept or Memorial Day ?- Hillgrove Cemetery

 Trinity Lutheran Church over the door, Rev Pence on the sign with a crowd on Memorial Day ? Sign says "Rally Day, Sept 24" ?
1922 Photo Hillgrove Cemetery, Miamisburg Ohio, likely Memorial Day after a service at the Lutheran Church in town and picnic. Trinity Lutheran.....Traditional German front Edna Eicher Weaver, her tall sister, Emma Esther Eicher, 11 yr old Paul Henry Weaver (my dad) and Henry Eicher, standing near his tombstone, where is wife, Helena Paul Eicher was interred in 1913. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Welcoming Spring with the 42th Annual MayDay Parade in Minneapolis

When I arrived on Sunday morning, I parked my van and rode my bike to the west side of Powderhorn Park and visited the Youth Farm, gardens ready for planting. 
At the north end of the lake, vendors were already setting up at 11 AM with the parade to start at noon.  Met the students supporting the SAVE the BWCA booth and signed yet another petition there...Grateful to see all the environmentally concerned younger generations here.

Connected with Bob and we met with our bikes near this stairway up to 15th and 34th where the parade enters the park and noticed the purple crepe paper on the railings and just knew a lot of folks would be honoring our local musical son, Prince Rogers Nelson, who was raised here in Minneapolis..

Here is Bob, chatting with the woman who had the vision to share the color purple.  Bob and I each took some to have on our bikes to honor the memory and the music!
 Supporting Youth and local sustainable farming....even got a coupon!  Bob and vendors by the park.
 From our spot at 33rd and Bloomington, we met a lot of kids and families there to celebrate the day. The first float of the parade..
 Colorful banners, Heart of the Beast Theater.....

 While standing on the corner, Paula Overby came by and met Bob.  Paula and I served together on the Twin Cities Men's Center Board, and she plans to run for Congress as an independent, in the district south of the river, Dakota, Scott, and Rice co.
 A lot of purple attire along the parade route....

And honoring the medicine wheel, a moving sight for sure.  

Another St Louis Park resident, and fellow MKP initiate, Rick "Rocky' Gravrok showed up with a Prince with the symbol of The Artist Formerly Known as Prince T shirt....

Rocky and Paula were telling jokes to enliven the day.  
 Here is Rocky, the playful geezer, working the crowd with kids jokes...
Puppets including the loon, the MN state bird.
I smelled the copal, a cleansing resin medicine from Central America, before I saw the dancers and heard the drumming.  Mexica, also called Azetec Dancers enliven the atmosphere.  Just prior to Bob's and my heading south with our bikes - as we had other events to attend...grateful for the energy..

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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

1914 Photos of West Carrollton and Miami Township and other farms by NEW

 Around 1914, p 45 of a NEW album, on the George Eicher farm Hill, now part of Cox Arboretum that was featured in one of their newsletters....woman in white, Paul Henry Weaver with his mom, Edna Eicher Weaver
On the same creek on the Eicher farm, woman and men with hat, and PHW and Edna on top of the log, with Emma Esther Eicher and Henry in front.  p46

p 50 and likely a big worker meal, likely at the Friend Paper Company around 1914 By NEW 
 West Carrollton Paper - Envelope Company with the village of West Carrollton CA 1914

 CA 1924 Weaver family farm, with Hattie and Noah #6-7 2nd row, PHW #1, about 1 miles west of Miamisburg
 Unknown family gathering p 52
Paul family Jefferson Twp p 52 L - R  Eliza Paul, John Paul, Helena "Lane"Paul Eicher, Mollie, Christina, Sarah and Amelia.   

 CA 1915 Friend Paper Co Office building where NEW worked as a clerk

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Noah Elwood Weaver Photos from Ohio CA1912 -3

1913 Henry Eicher, grandfather of Paul Henry Weaver (b 1910) and Ethyl Elizabeth Eicher (b March 1913) with grandma Helena "Lane" Paul Eicher, p 67 
____ ? Bailey (WWI era uniform) Cora E Weidner Peffly, Harley Peffly p 65, on bridge...Montgomery Co OHIO

Car by bridge, Buick? Cora Peffly, ______Bailey in uniform, Harley Peffly leaning on car - loose photo on NEW collection, CA 1913.  
p63 As suggested by my cousin Jeannette Allen Weaver this week in March 2016,of the Paul and Brandt lineage: she said this may be at the farm-barn of Levi Eshbaugh. She found him, as one of 4 of her Paul lineage, 1) the fellow with a moustache just to the left of a man's head at the middle post - this is Jeannette's grandfather, and 2) to the right of the man's head is a woman standing, in white,  her grandma, Sarah Paul Eshbaugh. Two women, in the lower right, on either side of a boy, standing behind the girl is white, Left is 3) Ida Eshbaugh (Jeannette's mom) and to the right 4) Jenny Shade (who later married Dan Isler) -  I date this about 1913, as Paul Henry Weaver, born in 1910 is the boy 5th from the left front row. His aunt Esther Eicher 2nd from L, 2nd row, and mom, Edna Eicher Weaver 4th from L in 3rd row.

From Noah Elwood Weaver's 1909 -1916 Black Album soon to be housed at Wright State University 
Morel Mushrooms spring 1913 p68....

1913 auto on back Ohio road, p 69  
 Noah Elwood Weaver with harvest of plants, 1913, p 69
Man with hat and child, walking beach on Lake Erie p 70. NEW

 1913 Six young women on front lawn of spacious home.   NEW p 70
 1913 Six young women, unnamed, with early car and steps at rock building.  P 70 NEW
Two children, 1913 playing on country road by fence.  NEW P 71 
Likely Twins Estle and Esburn Allen, per Jeannette Allen Weaver (April 2016)

p 71  Two children with woman on sandy country road with fence.  Estle and Esburn Allen NEW

p 71  Six young women, ____names?, at rock and wood structures, by NEW 1913, likely Montgomery Co OHIO

 p72  Three kids playing on the road,  NEW album

p72 Two kids on the road, 1913, no id, by NEW Ohio Twins Estle and Esburn Allen
 p73 Three men with guns "playing" outside farm house, NEW
 p 74 Child in big hat and ear of maize (corn) NEW
Man with cigar farm porch with 2 children in double pram.  David  Allen with Twins per Jeannette Allen Weaver (4.2016)

 Two kids playing in the sandy road p 75 with woman to the right NEW- Allen Twins
 Two Children on road p 75 with silhouette of car  Allen Twins