Friday, June 12, 2015

1917 Weaver Family Farm, West of Miamisburg Ohio. Horse era on the farm.

 1917 photos from a large format album of Noah Elwood Weaver's.  One of the pages I labeled with the help of my dad, Paul H Weaver before he died in 1982.    Note calves on the left and the three horses with the split rail fence on the Weaver family farm, then run by Noah Elwoods brother William Benton Weaver. Their parents, Noah and Hattie still lived on the farm, and NEW, took many photos there. 
 1917 Paul Henry Weaver, my dad, at age 7, path on the family farm, on the hill above Miamisburg OHio.
 1917 Picking raspberries or blackberries along the fence row.  One of the many foster boys that worked with William Weaver on the farm, and PHW with Uncle Will's dog in the forground.
Uncle Will's dog.

1917 Uncle Will Weaver with his dog, and farm house in the background.  (One of my favorite action shots on the farm :-)  

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Friend Paper and American Envelope Companies West Carrollton OH, through the lens of Noah Elwood Weaver

Noah Elwood Weaver, with his large format camera, around 1913-14 when he was first employed as a clerk at Friend Paper Company in West Carrollton.  This photo was improved and used in a book of the 1913 Flood in the Miami River Valley, also featuring photos by Andy Snow in 2013.

Here is a valley panorama taken by NEW around 1920 of the Friend Paper, American Envelope Complex.  With the prevailing winds from the west, I discern this is taken from the southeast looking northwest toward the city of West Carrollton.  By Noah Elwood Weaver.

CA 1915 Office Staff of Friend Paper Company on the front steps.  Noah Elwood Weaver is standing on the steps. 
CA 1914 photo labeled on the back "Morris Ellsworth first wife". I found that Harry Morris Ellsworth  in the 1910 Census lived with his parents on Main St in WC.  The 1914 city directory has him living at 505 N Main St WC and working as a clerk for NRC.    He was in the military in 1915 and married another woman Flora Sheen in Virginia in 1918.  

 Interior of West Carrollton Paper Company.

 Interior of Paper Company.  Notice the bare footed men working.  (OSHA approved footware? :-)
 Men sitting on vents on top of a paper mill building.
 The American Envelope Company building West Carrollton by NEW

Interior of American Envelope With Women working with machines invented in 1924 by the president of the company, Carlton W. Smith, according to a researcher Kellen Diamanti, who contacted me June 30, after finding this image doing a Google Search ---I found a tiff file that likely is a high enough resolution to go into a book about entitled, Stamp of the Century about the inverted Jenny,  
1 mistake
   100 stories about
       the Inverted Jenny

 Papermill series, construction in West Carrollton, written on back of photo.  No date, by NEW

Completed project, with paper slurry in the West Carrollton Paper Mill, photo by Noah Elwood Weaver