Thursday, June 7, 2018

HHB Minnesota Camp May 19-21 Framing Shelters event ---

Pink- Purple prairie flower on HHB sun dance grounds, MN Camp ----Elizabeth and Penni had a bouquet picked already in their camp under the cook shack on Friday by the time Blaine, Nick and I arrived to set up our tents.  Saturday morning prep at the MN HHB Camp site.

Gary, Penni, Elizabeth and Eric arrived on Friday, and here are the posts on a cool and foggy Saturday morning that were delivered the day before , at the MN Camp site, ready for post hole digging and all.  
Having all the holes dug in the sandy soil, 10 total, crew getting ready to bring the sides up and tie to the center, a "hip roof" construction, where water drains to 4 directions. 

Gary, Eric and Terry, with the frame nailer, ready to secure the the evolving frame

Jim, Jeff, Scott and Terry, starting to bring the frame together. 

Carpenter Jim, Blaine and Pat, at the hip roof beams -joists---are coming together.....
With the frame up and 2 x fours ready to receive the metal roof, carpenters, Jeff and Jim put up the first piece of the roof.

Mid Day progress, Elizabeth and Penni taking photos of the roof being added, with Gary measuring 2 x 4"'s 
Penni's photo of the crew, Jim, Jeff, Gary, Tom and Pat as the roof is expanded  

 Roof on the south side, Nick, Jim, Jeff, Terry, Blaine, Pat and Gary  --------

Panorama of the grounds from Minnesota Camp on Saturday. 

Sunday morning with basalt rocks, a gift from Dino, in the foreground, showing the full hip roof and structure we put up on Saturday.

Sunday progress on Elsie and Duane's shelter, Jeff, Pat, Jim, Duane and Terry.....