Monday, August 16, 2010

Men's Brunch - My Nest Shared with 13 Men and Fresh Salsa

As a prelude to sharing my two bedroom apartment space for the monthly Twin Cities Men's Brunch, I harvested fresh produce from the Crystal garden I co created with Rob Senden. Here are some of the varieties of fresh vegies that go into my salsa. Yellow Boy, Black Krim, Red Zebra, Brown Berry, Red and Yellow Cherry, Thai Pink, heirloom tomatoes, Hungarian Hot and Bell Peppers, and some yellow onions. Not pictured is the cilantro-coriander that I added to the mix. The only thing I added that I did not raise is garlic. I used the food processor attachment to the Bosch Universal Kitchen system that I purchased in the 1980's. Voila'

Don Roden was the first to arrive at 10 AM and we shared brioche buns from Trader Joes with jam and blueberries. The egg and protein group, was lead here by Andy Mickel from my MKP I group and Dean Jurik who created omletes in my Swiss Diamond pan for the men who showed up. Grateful for my little kitchen and having other men step up to create the food. Thanks guys.

Here is the view of the table with summer produce provided, vegetable salad from Earnie, cherries from Andy, and the egg plant, tomotoes, peppers, cherry and otherwise that I sent home with some of the guys. The deck-porch veranda to the east is enjoyed by Bob Schauerhamer, entertained by Stephen Sewell and his pink flamingo marionette friend with Ernie looking on.

Close up of Bob and Stephen with Stephens pink flamingo friend.

Omette with salsa, brioche bun with chokecherry jelly and fresh cherries.

Dean Jurik adding some salsa to his omlette with Andy and David Miner chatting behind. Thanks for the 13 men who joined me in my space from 10- 2:30 to make it a fullfilling brunch on a sweet summer day.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Newell Roden Family Wedding - What Inclusion Looks and Feels Like!

When Jane and I adopted each other as brother and sister, intentionally after meeting at a Loft Memoir Writing Class a few years back, and committing to a Lakota "hunka" ceremony, things began to shift for me in my ability to be fully present and integrity.
Here, in Mears Park, are Deborah Aurianivar, who is a brilliant Traditional Chinese Medicine Practicioner (she flew in for the weekend from Phoenix AZ), Jane Newell and Don Roden the bride and groom and yours truly. Jane's brother of choice in front of the creek in Mears Park, downtown St Paul. Deborah's healing presence, and her connection to my Chinese friend, Xiaosong Liu was very supportive for my being fully present for the wedding, reading On Marriage by Gibran and then fully participating in a wedding reception as a family member for the first time.

Here is a photo of me, reflecting the deep joy of presence I had as Don and Jane and their MC, told the heartfelt story of their courtship and then their powerful loving abundant stand for those in their lives. For all children to be loved, no exeptions!

Here I am after dancing for a while and getting a sweat on, being open to continue to dance through the evening. Jane and Don's brilliant way of acknowledging their connection to everyone in the room, for me, created an atmosphere of safety and wanted to connect with relatives of all ages!

Here are Deborah and men just connecting during the evening!