Thursday, October 8, 2015

New DIscoveries, With Deeper Research - Editing and Rewriting Cousins at CA 1928 Dinner in West Carrollton...and more

Editing and Rewriting  - When learning new connections and mistaken identities........more shall be revealed :-)

One of the important parts of my quest for clarity on family genealogy, is to have accurate information. Over the years since beginning to collect family data, having the date of a photo, the clear identification of each person and the location have served to be data points, to collect for family story telling. I have done many corrections, like in my 12 step program, step 10 "when I am wrong promptly admit it!" :-)  For me, this photo has illustrated how my view keeps changing as I have looked more deeply for information.  My early "projection" that is, my prejudice, is that the stocky guy in the back was Charles Eicher with son Billy...and the dates and age of the boy just did not add up.  So earlier this year, when I cataloged the Noah Elwood Albums from his trips east in 1928-9 I discovered the Roehm family with step son Tim (Laurence Reichelderfer). William H Eicher, Billy was born in 1927, and Tim, Laurence in 1920, and the photos of the trip made it clear that Gladys Cotterman Roehm is next to Tom Roehm Sr here and that the boy looks to be around 8 years of age.
So, I am posting this to update a mistaken caption for the photo below.  For Sarah and Gino at Wright State Archives.    The title I used when I dropped off the albums "1932-3(600dpi) FormalDinner321EMainBirthdayCake?L-RJosephineBrandtHansen HansHansen MinnieMaeStupp EicherCharlesEicherBillyEicher EdnaEWeaver LauraIsler
DanIsler EstherEicher HenryEicher(diedJan1933)  - I am revising and changing the 3 named in red to Gladys Cotterman Roehm, Tom Roehm and Tim Reichelderfer.

My new information would have this at 321 E Main West Carrollton around 1928, with Josphine"Phinie"Brandt Hansen, Hans O Hansen, Gladys Cotterman Roehm, Thomas E "Tom" Roehm, Laurence "Tim" Reichelderfer, step son of the Roehm's, Edna Eicher Weaver, Laura Shade Isler,  Daniel Webster Isler, Emma Esther Eicher and Henry Eicher. Photo by Noah Elwood Weaver
From NEW Album 1928 Glady Roehm and Tim - opening of mine
Tom Roehm , Tim and Gladys on road trip by Noah E Weaver, 1928.
White Sulfur Springs 1928 Tom Roehm, Paul H Weaver bending, Gladys Roehm and Tim Reichelderfer. 
Isler Home Dinner, Leekamp Pharmacy Calendar in back clearly says 1934 p35 of a NEWeaver album. 3women ? then Noah Elwood Weaver (standing) sitting: Edna Weaver, Paul H Weaver, Gladys Cotterman Roehm, "Tommy" Thomas E Roehm Jr born , Thomas E Roehm Sr, Hans O, Hansen, woman? ,youngman? .

Cursive handwriting of Phinie, Josephine Brandt Hansen, in the book published in London 1917 entitled Beetles and Flies.  "Dec 1917. To Paul Henry Weaver from Cousins Phinie and Hans."
My father Paul Henry Weaver was the first grandchild and his name came from Paul of the Paul Family lineage from Germany and the Henry from the Eicher German side. He was relieved to have a nickname "Pete" given to him when he left home and went to Antioch in Yellow Springs, 
Cover of the natural history book published in London in 1917, given to my father by his Cousins who were like an uncle and aunt to him.  Grateful for the passing on my natural history education in my family tree!