Thursday, September 28, 2017

Jack Weaver And Nellie Jane Williams Wedding July 1969, First Methodist Church Monmouth Illinois

I just discovered some images that my father, Paul Henry Weaver captured in July 1969, as the Weaver and Williams Families gathered around the July 19th Wedding at the Methodist Church in Monmouth Illinois ---

Peg Weaver reflected on visits to Monmouth in her memoir "When we drove to Monmouth, Illinois, one weekend in 1967, we met Nellie's (Jack's fiancee) father, Harold Williams. On Friday night we watched Tom play basketball, Carleton vs. Monmouth College.
The following night we drove to the Tin Shed to hear Jack's combo, "The Intruders", blast and to have a delicious dinner with Nellie, Harold and the Bushes', friends of Nellie and her father. Tom obtained permission not to return with the Carleton team, staying over for the Tin Shed affair and going back Minnesota with Pete and me.
In July 1969, Pete, Tom and I drove to Monmouth for Jack and Nellie William's wedding, Jim and Melanie flying from the East. Again being traditional we entertained with a groom's dinner the evening prior to the wedding. On July 19 Jack and Nellie were married in a Methodist Church, which had a sign on the lawn, "You think this is hot." Nellie had several attendants; Tom was best man. Since I don't enjoy shopping for clothes, I was glad that I could wear the same beige, tailored dress and pill-box hat that I had for Jim and Melanie's wedding."

Here are the photos I found with the labeling as my parents had them--
"Jack" John Eicher Weaver and Nellie Jane Williams Bride and Groom 
Sign outside First Methodist Church Monmouth  ---I see red bricks in the background
 Groom's dinner, ______?man, --______Pat?, _________, Jack Weaver (with cigarette), Nellie Williams (with cigar)

 Groom's Dinner, Mike Bush sitting, Jack Weaver (with camera),____woman?, Nellie Williams (lighting a cigar from candle held by Tom Weaver), woman___?, men Pat?, ____? likely Harold Williams head, Peg Weaver, Tom Weaver (with beard), Jim Weaver

 Wedding party,  Pat ____?,  wife of Pat _____? Tom Weaver, Mike Bush, Melanie and Jim Weaver, Peg Weaver
 Photographer, Harold Williams, Nellie Jane Williams, Jack Weaver
 Bush Family who lived in the same duplex as Harold Williams - Father, Mike Bush, Mrs Bush and 2 daughers
 Mrs Bush (Maid of Honor?), Nellie Williams, Jack Weaver, Tom Weaver (Best Man)
 After ceremony, Nellie and Pat ________?

Jack and Nellie after the wedding  ----
Tom Weaver, after the ceremony ---photos all by Paul H Weaver