Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Pelican Lake - July 17- 18 2015 Weekend celebrating family connections, and learning + creating new stories,

I arrived at Pelican Lake soon after lunch, after visiting my son Jesse in St Cloud.... Jim Leonard, great grandson of Fredrick Jenkins, was gracious in offering the Leonard - Pinkham- Jenkins "old cabin" to me for the weekend of July 17- 19, a great serene home base for me, and for part of my  family of choice who joined me for Saturday and Sunday.  Don and Ryan Roden, and Jane Newell's bikes are with mine on the back of my magnesium green pony . Here I set up my scanning operation, on the screened in back porch . in case Bill Eicher or other family would want to stop by....

On Saturday near the 1 PM start of the food line, Don Roden, Bill Eicher, Ryan Roden with Jane Newell, are walking down Pelican Lake Road where it intersects with Haeberle Way.  Happy my brother Jim chose to honor the Haeberle's who build the first cabin on the southeast shore here in 1912.  Jim and Melanie Weaver are the 3rd steward family for the land, after Fredrick and Maud Haeberle, and Alden and Edythe Palmer, who sold to the three Weaver brothers in 1967. 
Here is cousin Bill Eicher, from Florida, conversing, with Gayle seated,  and Jack Weaver's daughter Kris Weaver Bowman standing at the left.  Not sure of the names of the other guests there.

Under the shade, sharing stories. I met someone from Cedar Rapids Iowa who came to be with Harold Williams, Nellie Jane Williams Weaver's father, when he lived at this site. Not sure the names of this group.   Food snacks with beverages were inside the garage near the photo slide show, which I heard was  prepared by Sammy , Samantha Harcourt , John Eicher  Weaver  II's  wife.

Here in front of the garage, is Dave and Kris family dog. Here is a woman with a Rancho Chick-A-D. Not sure of her name.  
Saw these shirts on several of the people, and learned the mule is a Kawasaki motorized vehicle that Jack had to get around in the environs here at Pelican Lake.  Bill Eicher, William A Eicher,  is the second cousin of Jim, Jack and this author.  Bill's dad,  William H Eicher, was the first cousin of Paul Henry Weaver, my father, and his father was Charles A Eicher, brother of my grandmother Edna Helena Eicher .  Happy that Bill took the time and energy to come to Minnesota for the celebration.
Sitting outside, are Amy and Jesse Weaver,  Ryan Roden, with Bill Eicher.  Need ID's on the three to the right side.
Jesse Weaver talking with Bill Eicher, and 3 others,  Jim Weaver with Gayle. 

 Dave Bowman with Melanie Weaver......
Dave, Melanie talking with Gayle. 
Sue and Jesse Weaver with the Rancho Chick A -D 

John Eicher Weaver II, with the D.A. DD shirt, with his cousins, Jesse Macrorie Weaver and Ken Glessner Weaver....

Cousins in conversation.  John with Jesse and Ken.