Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dacie Moses House Legacy - Multicultural - Multigenerational Gatherings Continue

Dacie's house at 110 Union on the 129th Anniversary of her birth! Always cool in Minnesota, the warmth inside has been a brunch tradition for decades. Hopefully Dixon Bond, founder of the Knights and Northfield resident wise elder, will work to co create a oral-written history to support the continuation for further generations.

Here is the printed welcoming flyer for the 129th Dacie Moses Birthday Brunch on the piano where so much harmony has been created over the years, musically in this home. The Men's Knights founded in 1955 and the Woman's Knightingales, have practiced here over the years. Sunday, Jan 29th both current groups shared their enlivening music "a capella", which is the tradition. Thanks for the continuing legacy of the Dacie Moses Community Experience.

After talking with the founder of the Men's Knights, Dix Bond, I knew I wanted to support

Here is the photo on the Cover of DACE and KNIGHTS produced in 1967, by the Knights who practiced at 100 Union Street three nights a week. Tom Weaver here, the taller guy in the back of this photo, on Jan 27 at the annual Dacie Moses Birthday Brunch I was struck by the legacy of Dacie Moses and the diversity of people, from Dix Bond, the 74 yr old founder of the Carleton Singing Knights, to literally a new born baby. As a student of history and having a deep respect and love for "unci" energy, grandmother in Dakota , that reflects the warm and welcoming spirit of Dacie as I experienced and knew her in the 60's, I am happy to share my experience, strength and hope here, as a native of this prairie lakes area, and as a willing and open story teller to continue to reflect on and create new experiences that connect the generations in a good way. Mitakuye Oyasin. "We are all related" in the tree of life.

Having a sense of humor, we chose to take this photo at the Ole Store. We, as Troll might say (Jim Norris) continued to Hang In There, and were able to Meat our goals of producing the vinyl album as a group. I understand this is now available in CD and I have created mp3's as well if any are interested!

THe current Knights singing during the brunch with founder Dix Bond to the right.

A current Nightengale, left with the author,TomWeaver and Knights Founder Dixon Bond at the Sunday Brunch.

Interesting connection. When I googled Dacie Moses House, I came up with this link, to Thrive Coaching. Interesting image of how Dacie's legacy has continued to Thrive in a good way!

The Chocolate Chip Bequest of Dacie Moses


Adding this in 2017 January thinking of Dacie's Birthday Brunch coming up and reflecting back to 1982, when Dacie's estate settled and I purchased the 1949 Buick 'Green Streak' for a couple of hundred bucks from the college - she drove the "Streak'  for years as did Carleton students and I salvaged some parts car for my 1947 Buick Woodie Wagon that I was storing at the Weaver Family Cabins on Pelican Lake - my friend Bruce from my St Cloud neighborhood came with me to Northfield so I could drive the Green Streak back north  - Tim Vick on fiddle and others joined in the festive day of the departure of the streak the autumn of 1982

1949 Green Streak, Buick back of 110 Union autumn 1982 ---

This author, TGW during the end of my "hippie" years, fall 1982, Northfield,  prior to shaving in 1983 - some photo of a souped up Buick  1949 2 door at the festive send off

Tom Weaver (tall dude) , ' fiddler? Tim Vick, various guitars, stringed instruments Dacie's back yard
1949 Buick "green streak' second car from left, parked in front of the library where Dacie worked in the 60's and 70's, with Laird Hall behind -----Post card archive  

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Yunnan China Zhongdian County - now Shangri-La

Here is a typical walking street in the town Zhongdian. I flew into Zhongdian county that was renamed to Xiānggélǐlā (香格里拉, Shangri-La in Chinese) in 2001, to attract tourists. Liu Jainqiang who writes for China Dialogue and his son, Legend, suggested I come here on the train to Beijing from Yanqing. Consider reading China Dialogue http://www.chinadialogue.net/article/show/single/en/4518-Vanishing-Shangri-La-1-
That he wrote. Jainqiang is a friend of my college classmate Leo Lum, whom I met at Carleton College in Northfield in the late 1960's. When I contacted Leo that I was coming to China, he encouraged me to meet him in Beijing which I did and where I had dinner in NE Beijing and met Liu Jainqiang who writes an for China dialogue.

Three Languages for a men's room in my first rustic wooden place to stay in the Yunnan Mountains of SW China. Tibetan, Chinese and then MAN in English! I found the place of the shower and refreshment at a high elevation. "Easy does it "walking on the stone paths as I am a flat lander. Able to carry my back pack at 9300 ft and got the assistance of a woman from Beijing who works in a tea house here. A friend of Jianqiang's. No problems very relaxing and beautiful place. Thanks to Liu Jainqing who writes for China Dialogue for the referral on the train to Beijing from Yanqing. Consider reading China Dialogue http://www.chinadialogue.net/article/show/single/en/4518-Vanishing-Shangri-La-1-

I got up early each day, and walked to a cafe or hostel to have breakfast and try Wifi. Here is what it looked like in Zhongdian. In China I could not access my blog so I am now writing a few months after my trip, having digested some of the experiences over time. When I entered China in Nanjing I found my access at my hotel to the internet was very limited, so I spent time seeing and experiencing each day with my camera and those I was with, my local guides. Very grateful for the clarity of what I wanted to see, and for the cost effective local places I stayed and ate in!

N's Kitchen is next to an international hostel and provided breakfasts and coffee and internet. Local yak meat replaced beef in the menu! Copies of Time and the Economist on the wall and I left fresh copies I had purchased in airports to pass along. German, French Speakers here as well as English and the Chinese who are visitors to this mostly Tibetan ethnic area!

Here I am inside the Compass Cafe that had been recommended for breakfasts. I did manage a connection to the internet here for a while and chatted with a waitperson from the Netherlands. German and English spoken here! I nice oasis here to have relaxing food and chats with folks from around the world...An elevating experience all around!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Honoring the Creation and Creator - Waters, and trees of life Eicher Cherry Highboy

Celebrating my learnings here for the New Year. In my journey to Australia, in 2011, i made it to the Indian Ocean near Perth where some of my two legged friends, Oak Tree and Jasmin were surfing at this beach. On my journey I got grounded to the earth by singing songs, and respecting the plant and animal nations on this continent where aboriginal peoples have been for over 60,000 years.
Singing in indigenous languages honors the land, the waters, rivers, the trees and plants. We are all related. Did some recording this past Friday with another man who modeled singing songs to honor the Creation and Creator in a good way. One day at a time, being the center of the medicine wheel. Here is an artist group Gabby Pahinui - Wahini U*i from 1975 who supports my spirit in being grounded half way to Asia in the middle of the Peace Ocean Pacific. Peace with every breathe and every step.

Henry Eicher and Emma Helena Eicher Married 20 Apr 1875 in Ellerton OH at the local Lutheran Church.

Here are Edna, their youngest child, Born 1885 with her brother Charles born 1883 at perhaps the age their parent may have purchased the cherry highboy in S Ohio.

Emma the eldest child was born in 1875, and was known as my Great Aunt Esther when I went back with my father to visit Ohio from MN. Here she is with Charles before Edna was born.

Here is Mark Mueller-Dahl of Northfield a cabinet maker and refinisher doing the hand sanding on the top, while I was hand rubbing boiled tung oil onto all the exposed sanded surfices. It was like I could feel the gratitude of the tree nation to re-energized the wood here to be used again in a good way. Thanks Mark for your respectful teaching here of how to do this in a good way.

Mark here noticing the grain coming alive with the tung oil being rubbed in,

Grateful for the finished tung oil here with this over 100 year old refurbished Shaker Style Cherry Highboy.
And to relax, thinking of Jasmin the Jiangsu Folk music sent by my Chinese Friend Tony Zhu.
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