Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dacie Moses House Legacy - Multicultural - Multigenerational Gatherings Continue

Dacie's house at 110 Union on the 129th Anniversary of her birth! Always cool in Minnesota, the warmth inside has been a brunch tradition for decades. Hopefully Dixon Bond, founder of the Knights and Northfield resident wise elder, will work to co create a oral-written history to support the continuation for further generations.

Here is the printed welcoming flyer for the 129th Dacie Moses Birthday Brunch on the piano where so much harmony has been created over the years, musically in this home. The Men's Knights founded in 1955 and the Woman's Knightingales, have practiced here over the years. Sunday, Jan 29th both current groups shared their enlivening music "a capella", which is the tradition. Thanks for the continuing legacy of the Dacie Moses Community Experience.

After talking with the founder of the Men's Knights, Dix Bond, I knew I wanted to support

Here is the photo on the Cover of DACE and KNIGHTS produced in 1967, by the Knights who practiced at 100 Union Street three nights a week. Tom Weaver here, the taller guy in the back of this photo, on Jan 27 at the annual Dacie Moses Birthday Brunch I was struck by the legacy of Dacie Moses and the diversity of people, from Dix Bond, the 74 yr old founder of the Carleton Singing Knights, to literally a new born baby. As a student of history and having a deep respect and love for "unci" energy, grandmother in Dakota , that reflects the warm and welcoming spirit of Dacie as I experienced and knew her in the 60's, I am happy to share my experience, strength and hope here, as a native of this prairie lakes area, and as a willing and open story teller to continue to reflect on and create new experiences that connect the generations in a good way. Mitakuye Oyasin. "We are all related" in the tree of life.

Having a sense of humor, we chose to take this photo at the Ole Store. We, as Troll might say (Jim Norris) continued to Hang In There, and were able to Meat our goals of producing the vinyl album as a group. I understand this is now available in CD and I have created mp3's as well if any are interested!

THe current Knights singing during the brunch with founder Dix Bond to the right.

A current Nightengale, left with the author,TomWeaver and Knights Founder Dixon Bond at the Sunday Brunch.

Interesting connection. When I googled Dacie Moses House, I came up with this link, to Thrive Coaching. Interesting image of how Dacie's legacy has continued to Thrive in a good way!

The Chocolate Chip Bequest of Dacie Moses


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