Monday, April 29, 2013

Spring Weather in Minnesota - Time for Biking!

Reading in the Magazine, hard copy, a gift from Steve B, my disc golf mentor, about the role of blogging during the Arab Spring.  And sensing putting anything out on the web is now a part of co creating history.   I am starting to "get" how much of a shift to equality on the web is happening in real time!  Be in the present and grateful.    Peace, love, joy and beauty each day. 

My good friend Bob P, from Bloomington MN, Called me up early Sunday AM, and asked if I wanted to go for a bike ride.  We both intuitively flashed on the Dakota Trail starting on Wayzata Bay.  On Saturday, my friend Andy M and I did my first of the spring, starting from his place in Prospect Park near the U of M, and taking the Greenway to Lake Calhoun and Lake Harriet.  He even had a goal to visit his friend Monica a few blocks west of the river in the Linden Hills neighborhood. 
The YOU ARE HERE, allowed Bob in me, to be really present to being here now!   On the trail. 

At the same stop, this overview map shows where we started to the east, and how the trail goes through Lake Minnetonka's Bays, and finally on the west out to St Bonifacius.

 Here is the Bistro, St Boni Bistro where Bob and I had our breakfast.  He figured this is 12.5 miles out, and the 1/2 point on our trip.
 Here is Bob at one of the stops along the way.  Notice the lack of leaves on the trees.  This is the second of two 70 degree plus spring days, April 28 and 29th..
On Saturday, Andy M and I stopped for ice cream at Sebastian Joe's in Linden Hills.  We noticed a lot of pot holes on the streets of Minneapolis, and I just had to have a scoop of the local recipe "Nicollet Ave Pot Hole".  Chocolate with sea salt and not sure what else. Refreshing and a lot of folks out enjoying the day.