Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Trip to the Phoenix Desert - Intestinal Fortitude and Desert Connections

I started my journey with an event at the downtown Phoenix Convention Center where I rep'd Master Supplements to Nurse Practitioners for three days with Pat "Patty Boy" as he calls himself, Whalen. He is here sharing his story about the stomach acid protection of the sodium alginate matrix that Master Supplements has patented to get the probiotics and enzymes safely through the stomach acid for delivery into the duodenum. Here Patty Boy describes the session he did three weeks ago with the holistic doctors in Arizona showing the Metagenics product, as the white solution and the Theralac capsule still protected. The bottom line is that 2-4 logarhythms of active Lacto and Bifidobacteria are lost in the stomach where a competent acid protection system digests the bugs in most yoghurt and other products. The sodium alginate matrix unfurls in the small bowel to release the sticky lactobacilli to create an active biofilm of the "good guys". Fun being here and connecting.

Here is the Westward Ho, similar to the Foshay Tower in Minneapolis as it was built at the end of the 1920's and was the tallest building "back in the day". My Glessner grandparents stayed here back in the heyday, I sense until the 1950's. A famous place where a lot of movie stars stayed. Now it has been converted into sr citizen homes. It is right on Central Ave just north of Central Phoenix on the light rail to the Heard Museum. I took this photo in the 110 plus degree heat which is standard here this time of year. Everyone talks about the weather here and no one does anything about it! :-)

Here is the outside of the Heard Museum where I enjoyed a tour with a local Yuma woman which is a tribe along the Colorado River. She guided a tour along with a Caucasian woman through all the tribal home displays. Very inspiring beginning to my trip here.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Spring Gardening in Green Minnesota

Here is the home Karen Anderson and Eric Wickiser in MInnetonka where I have been a gardener since 2002. It has been a joy for me to watch plants and learn from them here. Ligularia, Primulas, Pedicites from Asia with their big leaves. It has also been joy to share in some of these plants with other friends who have gardens around the Twin Cities.

Lady's Mantel, with the beaded water on the leaves is a successful plant in Karen's garden here along a mulched path.

Here is one of the red rocks in the garden with one of the Japanese primroses that do so well here in the wooded part of the garden. It has been an honor to be Karen's gardener here for the past 8 years, nurturing and sharing this space with these wonderful plants.
This year my friend Rob Senden had a vision to create gardens in his sub urban yard in Crystal. Together we roto tilled and he carried in mulch from the city of Maple Grove to create a new bed for the plants. Here are the younger plants we put in as a team. I am grateful for the support of my first business partner in Wopida Group, Xiaosong for his support bringing the plants from the Winsted Grey Schmidt farm into the city this spring and planting the eggplant and pepper. Hot hungarians! . Inspired by the younger energy who sorted the some 30 flats, Jamie Wellik and his daughter and an elder, Eric Wickiser as well.

Here is the triangular garden I helped Amy Brown plant in the back of Jesse's home in St Cloud. A community garden of sorts, Sue Weaver also has contributed plants for this plot. Herbs like cilantro, basil along with eggplant, tomato and all. I heard from Amy yesterday that a hail storm has stripped off some of the leaves. Ah the resiliance of the plant people.

Monday, June 14, 2010

1929 Post Cards Gallup to Winslow Arizona

When my mom, Peg and I talked the last years of her life, she spoke fondly of her trips to California on the Santa Fe with her parents. Here is one card mailed from Ashfork, March 11, where Harry C Glessner, my granddad, wrote to Inez, his wife "They had no cards of the hotel - it is just as pretty as ever. Next stop Winslow. Harry" White Linens in Gallup NM. I sense they saw only what the Santa Fe and the Fred Harvey folks in the 1920's marketed for them at the time. Gives me a sweet connection to another time when people connected on the trains.

Sent from Ashfork, March 11, 1929 to MIss Margaret Glessner, Grey Gables, Oberlin College, Oberlin Ohio "We are very near this now. Next stop Winslow. Dad"

Sent March 11, 1929 to Mrs Harry C Glessner, 204 Glendale Ave S, Findlay Ohio "This hotel is the one that was slightly noisy - They start a new hotel in April, which will be the finest of all. It will be on the other side of the track. Harry"

Here is the personal note sent to Peg, AKA Margaret Glessner on the same day after going through Winslow. I will be returning to Winslow this month to stay at the remodeled hotel that Susan and Paul already recommended this year. Hope to capture a photo there! Grateful for the family connection here.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Chinese Medicine at Jane and Don's Wedding

My Chinese Medicine Woman and good friend, Deborah Aurianivar flew in from Arizona on Thursday to support Jane, Don and me in the wedding process. Here she is with Don Roden at Mear's Park supporting the flow of the practice for the ceremony.

Here are Jane and Deborah at the Rehearsal dinner in St Louis Park at the Marriott Irish Pub Friday night.
It was so great for me to have her be there Friday with us to set up the mood and physical space for the ceremony.

On the wedding afternoon, Deborah supported me in bringing snacks for the wedding party as we waiting for photographs.

Here she is with Kiana, Eliza's second daughter and Jane's second granddaughter.

On the wedding afternoon, Deborah supported me in bringing snacks for the wedding party as we waiting for photographs. Very comfortable to be with, here she is on the right, talking with Julie who is Jane's longest childhood friend from Michigan City Indiana and her daughter who is moving from the Twin Cities to Indianapolis soon!

Deborah made a connection with Xiaosong "Steven" Liu as well. Here are Deborah and Steven together who were both a great support to the wedding party and family at the Wedding in Mear's Park. Thanks, Xie Xie for being part of the family you two!