Saturday, November 26, 2011

Glessner History in Georgia - Kennesaw Mt 1864 - Americus 1880's

From the moment I arrived at the Kennesaw Mt Visitors Center, I knew I was on the path to find and honor Edward Cowles Glessner. I had visited the grave of his father Lewis Glessner in Findlay OH and learned he had died in the battle of Kennesaw Mt in 1864. Born 27 May 1844 in Delaware OH, the second son, of Lewis, I found records here documenting that he was a private in the 57th Ohio Infantry, Morgan Smith's Division, under Gen John McPherson's Army of the Tennessee, serving under William Sherman. These are the very help staff led by WR Johnson, chief historian here, and Kay Gower. Here he gave me the info that his grave is #10036 at the Marietta Union Graveyard and gave me a map. I also was given a roster of Ohio troops which listed on page 152, Edward having volunteered at age 18 entering service Oct 7, 1862 for 3 years and was "killed June 27, 1864 in battle of Kennesaw Mountain, Ga. "

Arrow Showing the action of Ohio #57 under GSmiths Advance, the area by Pidgeon Hill where Edward fell in battle. I carried this understanding on our hike indicated on this map below.

We took the hash marked trail from the green box visitors center to the peak of Kennesaw Mountain, about 1 km (2/3 mi) walk uphill where Dana photographed Me and Scott Goodlow. (we met through MKP LKS connections)

Me and Scott Goodlow at the Atlanta Prize of War overlook.

View of place where Edward Glessner likely died in the battle for Pidgeon Hill with Little Kennesaw in the background today, in blur with the magnet showing the battle site in 1864. (Match up the contours of the mountain in the background.)

Down the road from Kennesaw in the town of Marietta, is the National Military Cemetery.  Here is the marker of Edward Glessner, son of Lewis Glessner, (my maternal great-great-grandfather), who died in action June 27, 1864 here in Georgia. 

Close up of grave marker 10036 at the Marietta National Military Cemetery.