Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Learning Hanyu, Chinese for basic Conversation in Chinese

THis is the cover of a 20 page project I did for my social studies class at Faribault Jr High School in 1960. Back in those days I was limited by the resources found at our local libraries, Buckham Memorial and schools. No interlibrary loan or internet. Then, we had limited information on the Peoples Republic of China with the flag in the upper left and had more information about Chiang, Kai-Shek and the Nationalist Chinese on the island of Taiwan.

This is the page of numbers I copied from a reference "You Can Write Chinese" by Kurt Wiese, Viking Press 1945, the only reference I found in 1960 in the small town of Faribault. I had no one to teach me the tones and sounds of the language then, at age 13 !

Here are a few characters I copied for my project. Interesting T'ien, now in pinyan is Tian, for Heaven, Day, Sky and that is the given or first name of one of my teachers, Laoshi Tian XIa.

Here I am at the SE Minneapolis Library near the University of Minnesota, where Ye Yu, my second teacher working through Sleepy Tigers is sharing a lesson while my primary teacher, Tian Xia was back in China visiting home in Jiansu.
Here is where I found out about the tutoring services.
Xie xie ni to Tian and Ye for their kind and fun teaching styles.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Pelican Lake Weaver Family History -Blogging Photojournalism

Reading a lot about the role of social networking, cell phone photos and the new way news is shared in the 21st Century. Since beginning this blog I sense I am part of this and people contact me, when I feature someone here. Recently an entry on Marge Silvis and her life was quoted by her nephew Orville "Joe"Hognander, her nephew in an article for the Minnehaha Acedemy Newsletter. It was the comments about Marge written by Greg Larsen. So here are the Weaver's celebrating Peg's 90th Birthday that was shared with a variety of friends, including Greg Larsen and some of the Foster Family. Left to Right: Jack Weaver, Sue Weaver, Kris Weaver, Nellie Weaver, Nate Weaver, Peg Weaver, Melanie Weaver, Val Weaver, Jim Weaver, Jesse Weaver, Tom Weaver. Nate and Kris took the photo! Such talented folks.

I dedicate this to Gilbert Hovey Grosvenor (October 28, 1875 – February 4, 1966), the father of photojournalism, was the first full-time editor of National Geographic Magazine, serving from 1899 to 1954. I hope to capture that spirit as I write this blog and the Wopida News Blog going forward. Please consider following the blog!

Overview of the guy who developed National Geographic as a photo journalistic endeavor!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Weaver Family Photos Miami Twp 1910 -1920"s

Here is my father, Paul Henry Weaver with a black cat likely at Grandpa Eichers home on Bellbrook near the Eicher farm.

Henry Eicher and Noah Elwood Weaver with black cat.

Paul H Weaver with cat and vegies at Henry Eichers.

Cooling off at a swimming hole. Paul H Weaver, Elwood Weaver and other boy.

1919 Auto with Paul Henry Weaver at age 9.

Filling up an inner tube for floating, Paul H Weaver and Noah Elwood Weaver

Paul Henry on the inner tube, 1921, age 10.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Noah Elwood Weaver - Photographer West Carrollton OHIO

Here is my grandfather, Noah Elwood Weaver 26 Feb 1885 - 15 Nov 1973 by the steps of the Envelope Company where he worked as an office worker accountant.

Elwood took photos that were informal at his place of work. This is unlabeled taken at the same time as the one here, Likely early 1900's ca 1908

This photo is labeled "Morris Ellsworth and First Wife, West Carrollton" Likely taken by the Envelop Company Paper Plant there.

Shot of West Carrollton High School under construction. NE Weaver lived at 321 E Main just down the street from this school that my father attended in the 1920's

This was undated and appears to be a school play rehearsal. Hope someone Googles this who knows the people and history of West Carrollton.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Familiy Reunions and Watermelon! - Ohio Brandt Reunion Montgomery Co - Stump Photos

Here is a photo from the early 1900's likely as part of a Brandt Family reunion. My cousins Jeanette Allen Weaver and Wanda Grossnickel Bordeau shared stories when we connected last fall in Ohio. Here we labeled the photo as L to R Ida Esbaugh, Henry Eicher, Edna Eicher, Sarah Eshbaugh, Esther Eicher, Nettie Whiteacre, Helena Paul Eicher, and Missing are the 3 men on the right.

Well, a new angle here, This is the homestead at Pinnacle and Old Soldiers Home Rd, Jefferson Twp, Montgomery Co, label 1896. Grandmother Amelia "Mary" Brandt is on the left. Born 26 Mar 1824 Krankenhagen, Niedersachsen, Germany, Died Montgomery CO OHIO 16 Jun 1911, married 5 Jun 1848 Johann "George" Paul b 10 Aug 1824 Fellingshausen, Germany, died 24 Jun 1870 Montgomery Co, Ohio. To the right are labeled. Aunt Amelia Paul (11 Sep 1869 - 3 Sep 1945), Aunt Eliza E Paul (19 Jan 1866 - 3 Sep 1945) and sister to Esther Paul Grossnickel (her photo) Elva Irene Paul (in arms ) b 23 Jan 1894 - 13 Mar 1955

The Stump on the Paul Brandt homestead was the place of many family photos. This one has Mary Brandt in the front with Eliza and Amelia in 1907.

Here is my great Aunt, Esther Eicher, with Minnie and Henry Weitzel and Amelia Paul at the famous stump at the Paul-Brandt Farm homestead. Notice what looks like mullein in the hand of Minnie. I common plant that goes in waste areas. Fun to see the detail a century later.

Eicher Family Paul George Tree Stump, Labeled Aug 18, 1907. Here are my greataunt, Esther Eicher, her mom, Emelina Helena "Lane" Paul Eicher, with her developing thyroid goiter, she died in 1913 after surgery for the goiter, Charles Albert Eicher, Henry Eicher, Edna Helena Eicher, who married Noah Elwood Weaver in Aug of 1909. They were my grandparents.