Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Leaving the Nieve Snow for places south in Mexico - Open to learning about the language and culture of my relatives to the south

FUN GOLDEN BOOKS from 1969 & 1970 respectively giving me another open door to discovery on Turtle Island, aka North America
 A few weeks back, I was talking with my Carleton College Classmate of 1969, Craig in Nayarit Mexico - and he suggested booking a Sun Country Direct Flight to Jalisco, the state next to Nayarit --And what a great time to get out of snow country, when the Super Duper Bowl comes to the Twin Cities  -  so grateful to spirit for the wisdom as I have noticed during my courier runs, the energy is ramping up here so to speak --good self care is for me, to leave places of increased drama and the homeland insecurities belief in the "illusion of control " For me the meditation here says a lot, I am choosing love and life every day  --Mitakuye Oyasin

Elder's Meditation of the Day - January 31

"In sharing, in loving all and everything, one people naturally
found a due portion of the thing they sought, while, in fearing,
the other found need of conquest."
-- Chief Luther Standing Bear, SIOUX

There are two systems of thought that are available for us to choose from. One is
the love-thought system and the other is the fear-thought system. If we choose love,
we will see the laws, principles, and values of the Creator. If we choose fear, the
results will be so paralyzing that it willl cause us to take over and not rely on the
Great Spirit. The fear-thought system will automatically cause attack, conflict,     
need to control, fault-finding, and the need to have control over others. The
love-thought system seeks peace of mind, unity, and causes us to be love seekers. 

Great Spirit, today let me see only love.
Here is where I got stuck doing a delivery to Panera in Edina at a strip mall!  Some young folks helped me get unstuck and I did that same for them!   Monday Jan 22 , when we had a foot of snow and I drove for 12 1/2 hours to be in integrity for my deliveries! 

Here the GARDA is about money and this is my route delivering Einstein Bagels from 11th and Nicollet on the mall to Ridgedale Mall, Caribou coffee ----grateful to be "The Uber of Stuff"through my contract with Accellco of St Paul!  In Ireland ,the Garda are the unarmed police who are friendly and direct traffic and even have tickets for Irish Football at Croke Field in Dublin, as my friend Patrick M from Armaugh demonstrated to me when I visited that lovely green Isle on my journey 

And ramping up to the Superbowl, I was greeted by this, the National Guard on 10 th street last Sunday Jan 28, on my way from my PO Box by the river to St Joan of Arc and our District 10 Al Anon pot luck with Alateen --Note   a military sand colored vehicle being directed to back into a civilians' car!   I feel less safe with the military in my neighborhood and will avoid the downtown today my last day before visiting my relatives to the south in Mexico land ---------warmer hearts and loving lands to the south here I come -----