Monday, July 3, 2017

Lawrence Family - 1920's? Family Photo - In front of home Montgomery County Ohio

Here is the image, an 8 x 10 image from Noah Elwood Weaver loose photos, that started me to search for Lawrence connections through Ancestry and find a grave ----It was not dated and I became curious about this group ---In what I think is Edna Eicher Weaver's penmenship on the back  "Ladies L to R  _________(blank), _________, Margaret Lawrence, Mrs Lawrence (mother), Ruth Lawrence, ___________(blank), Men L to R  George Lawrence, Bill ",   Joe ",   Burt (sic)  "   ----this past week I started with George on the left top

Here is how I learned things as I found data on Ancestry  ---from the 1910 US Census sheet, where the Lawrence Family was living on Cottage Ave in West Carrollton I found ---first off -----find it engaging to discern the connections  ----
 William "Will" or Bill Lawrence from the main photo
Margaret Lawrence born 1903 - I sense looks in her early 20's here and to her mom's right, and then labeled Ruth Lawrence on mom's left (our right) looks somewhat older, and not sure - Ruth Elaine Lawrence was born in 1910----the lady on the foreground left is not identified nor the taller woman in front of George  - rather a mystery AND curious if anyone in the Lawrence lineage will comment on Ancestry as I attached this family photo on their sites
Lawrence Family Census 1910 Data

Name   George M Lawrence
Age in 1910  9
Birthplace Kentucky
Home in 1910 Miami, Montgomery, Ohio
Street Cottage Avenue

Father's Name Charles F Lawrence
Mother's Name Anna R Lawrence

Household Members Charles F Lawrence  40
Anna R Lawrence  37
Bert K Lawrence 16
William E Lawrence 13
George M Lawrence 9
Margaret C Lawrence 7
Joseph C Lawrence 3
Ruth Elaine Lawrence  0

Here is an enlargement of the last 4 lines - Each Census asks different questions ---
 Note that Charles from Kentucky is listed as a millwright at a paper mill ---Likely Friend Paper Company in 1910
 Woman in front of George, may be Ruth Binkley Ritter, whom he married - Their first child George M Lawrence was born Oct 15, 1930 in Miamisburg ---photo likely in the 1920's
Bert Lawrence has his hand on the shoulder of the unidentified "lady"- Bert Kirker Lawrence served in the military from March 1918 - Jan 1919, and by 1920 his is listed in the 1920 census as married to Martha G Campbell, listed as a  librarian in the public library in Middletown Butler CO, as he was a salesman for a roller mill
So in the mid 1920's I am discerning this is Martha Campbell Lawrence ----