Tuesday, September 29, 2009

High Maintenance Lawn Kings College Green

After walking back from the Backs across the Cam I entered the courtyard where this lawn looks like it is high maintenance. Thinking of less intensive solutions of other species that need less water and coddling. Think of Jesse's newly planted lawn of several species in St Cloud. Hoping it is more sustainable.

Back of Kings College Chapel from across the Cam

It was pleasant to walk over the Cam and see the punters doing their thing with the boats and then see the trees and view of the ediface. Here is the view!

Punting on the River Cam

By the Backs of the colleges here in Cambridge, is the Cam and some bridges. I had a meal at the Henry pub and was directed there by some of the guys who are the punters. I would like to try my hand at this someday, if and when I find the right fun partner....and I am young enough to wait. And I can be sad and fearful and still be at peace with my life. Today is a great day to live and to die to old patterns....Today is a new beginning. Beautiful place here. Worth coming back to someday.

King's College Cambridge Chapel

Known for the high vaulted ceiling and the King's College Men's and Boys choirs singing the Lessons and Carols at Christmastide here, it was inspiring for me to see the high vaulted ceilings the Kings Henry's Richard and all could purchase for their school for education of the Eton selected youth.

Cedar and Yews Parish Church Ely

Down the street from the Cathedral was this parish church next to Oliver Cromwells House where I did the tour. Note the cedar on the left with multiple stems while the dark green yews are on either side of the church door.

Ely Cathedral Nave Photo

Well here is another Cathedral Nave from back in the day. Light and awe.

Looking for the Green Man - Ely Cathedral Lady's Chapel

After finding the images of the green man at Norwich, I have learned that a lot of the craftsmen of the churches may well have symbolised their connection to the life force of creation while building these massive buildings...Balance eh? So here is the east vaulting of the Lady Chapel built to honor Mary.

Yew and red aril of Fruit Ely Cathedral yard

"By their fruits ye shall know them" The red arils are supposed to be tasty while the seeds within are poisonous. Like a lot of things in life....discernment. Bright red and green here, my first yew tree friend in the UK...I sense I will connect with older ones soon! Pidamiya chan oyate. Thanks for the life giving green of my tree relations.

Yew at East End of Ely Cathedral

Prior to entering the Cathedral, I sat here and smudged and centered and then filled my channupa to connect with this tree person here. I sense a younger of its relatives. In past, there were entire forests of this tree here. I sensed a calm wash over me..and soon I discovered an orange fungus in an oak tree nearby...looks like sulfur shelf...Thinking of Peg and her ancestors around here, playing tricks on me! Thanks Peg.

Ely Cathedral Coffee and Sausage Roll

My interest in old yew trees happened during ceremony in the US. I looked on line and found the site www.ancient-yew.org/searchForm.php. So I began my connection to the dark needled trees here at a deeper level and contemplated how knowing my ancestral roots as a human being has allowed me to become more grounded and peaceful. Practicing the first peace, the one in myself. Grateful for the blessings of this journey and what I am learning. Nice warm treat on a cool grey day!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Ely Cathedral with large London Plane Tree

I walked a path by this big tree, a kind of sycamore. A man who worked with trees was thinking this might be the oldest and largest London Plane. So its foliage is the green here. The trunk has the typical mottled bark of our sycamores back in the states. Here Planatus is called Plane Tree and many line the boulevards of the cities. I like the rural feel of Ely, named after the eels in the fen waters. Alas, I looked in town to find a place to eat one for lunch, and not a pub even with eel pate'. Thinking of Ely Minnesota and our wonderful BWCA and Quetico Wilderness on Turtle Island..

Deans Meadow's View of Ely Cathedral Environs

When I parked my car by a small park, I was drawn into a gate and path where a lot of blazer jacketed students were walking. To the left, this meadow landscape came into view with a variety of trees with the Cathedral Buildings in the background. Indeed I thought of this being an island in the midst of the fens!

Golden Lion Hotel and Pub St Ives

THis is the Hotel I found to stay in for two nights. Has WIFI free and is on the quiet square of this small town on the river. They set up a market on the square early this AM and was gone when I returned from Ely and Cambridge this evening.

St Ives Bridge The Great Ouse Monday Morning Walk

I slept in and fasted today. No big English breakfast. Before driving to Ely in search of some old Yew trees, I walked down to the River, the Quay as the say locally where I had seen the Swans in the night light. I met a couple whose photo I took, and they returned the favor here by this old bridge, which was there during the 17th C of the Cromwell led civil war. What a gift to find such a sweet place to rest at this stage of my travels. Pidamiya tunkashila

Oliver Cromwell Territory - St Ives on the River Great Ouse

I was debating how to use my last full day prior to heading into London. Well, I asked spirit to lead me, and I heard "go and stay by the fens and find a yew tree to sit with" Well, I headed south to St Ives which I figured by the map was far enough away from Cambridge not to be so "dear" financially...I happened on the square here, and a pub hotel, the Golden Lion with this statue in front of it. Cromwell is a controversial character in British history, having led to the beheading of King Charles I and war about which church is best and all that. A familiar cycle in Europe it seems, what with my French Huguenot Arnaud and Chapelier ancestor who had to flee when the Catholics thought their way to God was the only one, and it was OK to kill others..Sounds like a familiar fundementalist thing. Anyway, I was led to travel to Ely, where he lived for several years next to the parish church not far from the Cathedral when he served as a MP in the British Parliament. He was involved in support locals in the conflict over whether the fens should be drained around Ely, that then was an island. He lived here in St Ives about the time my ancestors in 1635-38 left England for the colonies, at least the Bixby, Riddlesdale and Cole/Cowles lines.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lincoln Cathedral Choir Area with 6'8" fellow and Girl Friend

I was on my way to find the "Lincon Imp", the iconic symbol best known carved figure in the Cathedral and here this young man and I found each other. His girl friend here took the first shot and then one of the choir members shot this one.

Lincolnshire Flag at Cathedral

My vexillogical passion was triggered when I saw this multicoloured flag next to the Cathedral. Notice the Fleur de Lis which to me is like French and the Norman influence. The locals say the Duke of Wales has a Fleur de Lis on his flag. The green from the farms of the area and the blue from the RAF the woman in the church shop. Hm, a 20th Century flag per chance. and the red from the St Georges Cross per chance. I like the color, the wind and the beautiful day!

Rowan Trees with two tree like men

Here is the man on the left from Cambridgeshire whose stated height is 6'9" so I wonder what that makes me. I gave him my card to get a copy of the photo by email. We'll see what happens. Fun to connect with the locals on some level!

Rowan Trees West Side of Lincoln Cathedral

I noticed the Rowan trees and while making an offering to my ancestors with a prayer by the tree, a woman, as if on queue "at least two rowan trees were planted, one for good the other to capture evil" . I like the color of the fruits. In general, "by your fruits ye shall know them." Interesting metaphor. Soon I was to meet the second tall man of the day who claims to be 6'9" from Cambridgeshire. Well, here comes the next photo,

Line up of short folks outside of Lincoln B and B

THis is the first of three photos with tall Englishmen today! Here I am with 6'5" Ed whom I monikered as "Elven Ed" as he likes JRR Tolkein's work and metaphors it seems. Ah, the use of image, metaphor and language. Don, on the right, is a native of Lincoln, whose father was somehow involved in creating the tank. (war machine?)

"Uncle Don" and "Nephew" Elven Ed Lincoln B and B

After a good nights sleep, better than in my car near Ipswich, and arise for 8 AM full English Breakfast and was joined here by Lincoln native Ed who was escorted by his "nephew" Elven Ed from the south of England. The energetic affection they have for each other was quite noticeable here. Don has degrees from Cambridge and Ed is a theology student somewhere. We chatted about herbal medicine and D/Lakota spirituality. Ed seemed open to learn about the songs of the Lakota I gave him and invited him to check out MKP on line. Will see if we meet again down the line. Happy I could give them a ride in my Nisson pony up the hill. Grateful we found a parking spot without cost again. Mitakuye oyasin!

Pub Food Duke Williams on Bailgate near Roman Gate

I arrived in Lincoln without any reserved lodging. The first Hotel I saw was booked and they sent my to the Duke Wm. They were filled up as well and they sent me to find the "Charlotte" and the web was weaved for me to walking with some boys who pointed me in the direction of B and B's down the hill. One of the B and B owners gave me a map and I called Ellen and Morris place, and I walked there to check it out. I then walked back up the hill and sat here with my computer and ordered this steak with all the trimmings. Great to chat with the locals in the pubs here.

Glass House Wetherspoon Pub Norwich Ale Servers

After my walk through the Cathedral to get connected with the green man, I met a student who joined me at the Glass House for lunch and beer/ale. The Wehterspoon chain is known for a variety of inexpensive beers and ales and good food at a reasonable price. I had rice and curry with my ale, evidence of the mixture of foods now popular in the UK. He is new to the city and is also a lager drinker, I decided to try the local ale, again and here I am getting help from the dark haired woman to the left and the handsome blonde on the right. The keg below was empty and we just got foam the first time, so here we go! Nurturing food and nice scenery all around! Thanks for the fine visit in Norwich!

Green Man Norwich Cloister Walk

Well, being an ecological kind of guy, and knowing the Creator's World is here NOW (and, maybe the afterlife is icing on the cake, and some of us do "Create Hell on Earth for ourselves and others,) it is interesting that William Anderson, in Green Man, The Archetype of our Oneness with the Earth, was a book for sale in the Lincoln Cathedral Bookstore today. I even brought a bronze likeness for my wall on the prairies of Turtle Island to remind me that Mother Earth, may well have been "cloistered" in earlier Christian Times when indigenous people, often those of us who were two spirted, winkte, people, were killed in the name of religion as we did not fit the projected vision of those who had the "right" way of seeing God. Perhaps the church is waking up to having a green presence on earth. Perhaps the Green Man was more available to the people of the land in olden times.

Norwich Cathedral Cloister Walk

One of the docents led my here after she heard my queery about The Green Man. She led me to the next image!

Norwich Cathedral Interior - French and English Limestone

Sitting now in Lincoln, Lincolnshire, after witnessing another Norman Cathedral, working to sort out the stories. Here is the warm light of the Norman and later more Gothic structure in Norwich, begun in the 1090"s and first layers built of French limestone, and later with English stone after the wooden roofs burned. Ah, another building in process! I think the clergy and kings were about land ownership back in the day. Regarding the beauty of the stones, and the layers of history here on Mother Earth. And new layers of the tunka oyate, the stone nation to create the ediface. The images that speak in stone to the people of the times. Preliterate folks needed images and metaphors, like some of the archetypes of the four directions. Here is where I wanted to learn more about the Green Man and the imagery of the connection of the people to the land, and how to see the Creator through the Creation. One of the docents led me directly to the large cloister walk to see the images painted. Sat in a B and B with Donald, an octogenarian "uncle" and his "nephew" Ed for breakfast this morning. and shared theological stories. Ed seems interested in herbal medicine and so I gave him a sample of Treasure AKA "sundance" Tea from the Amazon. Hope he reads the label and remembers to boil it, a decoction, not an infusion like most English teas. I will send Ed a link my email this page! Interesting series of "tall" Englishmen here, first Ed, at about 5'5", then two more, one from Cambridgeshire, who claims to be 6'9" you will see him by the rowan trees and then another in the Lincoln Cathedral who claims 6'8" with his girl friend I guess. Check out some of the ensuing pages. Maybe is the "Lincoln factor", the 6'5" president of the states. At any case, I do enjoy being with tall men! And follow here for more tales from this tall weaver of stories.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Norwich School Open House Next to Cathedral

When I arrived at the cathedral on this crisp morning, I noticed a lot of action my the gate of the school next to the Cathedral Building. Indeed, here is the school complete with blue blazers for the uniform. I chatted with a dad, whose son had just enrolled this year. Looked like 7th grade maybe. His younger sister with a sweater was talking about enrolling later. I talked about my experience with my dad working at Shattuck, an Episcopal prep school in Faribault my home town, whose perhaps most famous student, Marlon Brando, did not graduate. The countered the Admiral Nelson who attended Norwich School likewise was dismissed! Fun to chat with parents about chosing schools and thinking of the different choices in different cultures..

Norwich East Anglia - Walk from Neighborhood to Cathedral

This is a sweet beautiful bridge I noticed as I walked down Oak Street from the neighborhood north of the ring road to walk to the central part of Norwich. Staying up to chat at the White Swan last evening, I neglected to book a B and B around Suffolk. I rang three B and B's and knocked on their doors in Lavenham and then in Little Waldingham, so I decided to go find the pub called the Sailor I read about on line in Ipswich. When I arrived on High Street with great directions from a police officer at the Ipswich police station, I could not find the B and B. Interesting the guy called me on my cell this AM while I was driving up to Norwich, via the Norfolk Coast and he said "I closed the place a while back and you are the second call this week. So, I slept in my rental car in a farmers entry to his field in the country side East of Ipswich. Saved some money and gosh, got at least 5 hours of sleep! Ah, even at my young age, I can have some great adventures... Staying flexible has helped me be able to relax in the car seat. THis is a Nisson and I will take a photo of the model. Does quite well with mileage, my first refill as I entered Lincolnshire from East Anglia today.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Jack Gove - Personable Waiter at the Swan

After the man in the tie and blazer welcomed me to the comfortable setting with "Fachwerk type construction", I understand from the time of prosperity of the wool trade, Jack explained a little of the menu from the regular Suffolk Creamed Tea for L7.95 to the Traditional Swan Tea that includes the little tower of treats with Loch Fyne smoked salmon finger sandwiches included for L 19.95. I just had to try the local ale, Adnums from near the coast, the pint of which is pictured here to the right of Jack, who also has an I phone. He mentioned that he is also a son of a GP (like my father who practiced in rural Minnesota) and is now a philosophy major in Christschurch College in Oxford. I will send him the link to my blog by email. Thanks Jack for your kind service and support getting onto the world wide web here in rural Suffolk! Live long and prosper!

High Tea The Swan Lavenham Suffolk

I had read about having high tea as a typical English way to celebrate. THis town was recommended as an architecturally interesting one at the pub last night and is a larger town. When inquiring about where to have high speed internet at a sweets shop (ice cream) the owner referred me here to the Swan Hotel. I was welcomed by a man in a tie and blazer who informed me of the pass code. Yes, I can upload these photos and send my email. When in "Bury" I went to the Lounge, a cafe that was relaxed and welcoming, the internet was very slow. I am grateful for the high tea service and the higher level of speed of the internet as well. Live and learning on my journey! Here is the little stand of scones and clotted cream "Suffolk clotted cream, not Devonshire!) So here I am grateful for the service and the food! Now I will have to walk it off with a nature hike!

Suffolk County Church Records -Sarah Riddlesdale, wife of Joseph Bixby emigrantst from Suffolk

It was here, in this building that I was led to find micro film of the Assington Village Church Records, where Sarah Riddlesdale daughter of Edward Riddlesdale was written, as the 7th birth of 1623, born 16 Nov 1623 in Assington, Suffolk. this is helpful in verifying the accuracy of other information I have found in the Bixby genealogy and on line.
"Joseph BIXBY (George, Richard, Thomas, John, Thomas, Nicholas, Walter, John) was born on 28 Oct 1621 in Lit. Waldingfield, Suffolk, Eng.. He died in Apr 1701 in Boxford, Essex, Mass..Joseph married Sarah Riddlesdale (or HEARDE) daughter of Edward RIDDLESDALE and Mary HEARDE? in 1647 in Ipswich, Essex, Mass.. Sarah was born on 16 Nov 1623 in Assington, Suffolk, Eng.. She died on 3 Jun 1703 in Boxford, Essex, Mass.. " I am grateful to witness that much of this old research is accurate! Feeling rooted in rural Suffolk!

Bury St Edmunds Abbey Grounds

Here is a photo of the current cathedral and the ruins attributed to St Edmund who was buried here once upon a time (they lost the body?). While having high tea in The Swan in Lavenham, Jack Gove who is a philosophy student and son of a local GP in Preston, informed me that he sang in the choir here. He was the one that encouraged me to have the high tea, the full monty, as it were of English afternoon cuisine. Photo to follow. Thanks Jack for the connection about the time of the reformation in England as well as the tea trade from India and its influence in commerce.

Abbey Gardens Bury St Edmunds

I was informed there was WIFI in the gardens here. However, when I sat down on this bench and attempted to log in, there was no signal. I decided to take a walk through the garden after the TI (tourist info) folks directed me to the county records department where I looked at the micro film and micro fesched church records.

Full English Breakfast at B and B

As I remembered English breakfast. Sylvia added the mushrooms. Peg enjoys this, eh Peg? The toast in the rack to the left, then fried tomatoes, Canadian style bacon, eggs, and with marmelade for me on the toast. Here I had coffee, instant, and now at High Tea, I am having the scones with breakfast tea. Fuel for walking with my back pack!

Wayside B&B Dick Whyman and friend - Garden

Here is the view as I had my full English breakfast, where Dick and his friend were chatting. Sylvia mentioned the little birds I noticed in the garden are wagtails. Small birds, energetic like chickadees in MN, with long tails, that "wag". Fun to be in a new ecosystem and connect with the energies of my ancestral roots! Carry on!

Half Moon Psychic Pub Sign Mildenhall Suffolk

I am sitting in the Swan Hotel in Lavendam Suffolk, a new miles from Thorpe Morieux, Little Waldingfield, Assington and Rattlesden, the villages my Bixby ancestors lived in prior to their emigration across the pond to Massachusetts. Having high tea with clotted cream now. Last evening, after renting a car at Heathrow, and driving a UK native who now lives in Montana to Cambridge, I decided, seeing the Cam from driving on the left side of the road, with Kings College Chapel was a good start, to venture to Suffolk. This is the pub where I asked how to find a B and B. I stayed at the Wayside with Dick and Sylvia Weyman, within walking distance of the pub, and I returned to have the local ale, steak and kidney pie and rhubarb crumble..all tradional pub food at this place. Small town feel where I chatted with the locals..

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

David Currer - One of the 1965 Rotary Boys Visiting Wilde Roast

David has spent many years living in the UK. I am grateful we were able to meet up again last summer and again this summer as he returns to the Owatonna area to visit his family. One of my favorite haunts in NE Minneapolis, Wilde Roast has a nice ambiance to meet friends. From here, David took his rental car back to the airport. We will hopefuly connect soon when I fly over the pond to London and visit the environs of my English ancestors. Cheerio! I will try to learn the "Queens" English.

Rotary Boys Honored Faribault 1965

I found this in our Voyageur Yearbook, when looking forward to meeting up with David Currer in the UK. Not sure where all of us are today, David and I have the darkest glasses rims, was quite the style back then. Likely I will drive around a rotary or two in the UK. I first found them driving there in the 70's, now we even have them in Minnesota. Still living in the circle of life! Lars Olsson of Sweden has not responded for our reunions, and Greg Larsen lives in Denver. You can find his photo on this blog in August. Paul Dragsten Jim Ohnstad and Paul Onkka live around the Twin Cities, and Greg Kieffer in Faribault. Fred Zahn in San Diego CA, not sure about Ken Beaupre and Jim Palan

Monday, September 21, 2009

Cowles-Cole Family Tree 1915 Copy by Col Calvin Cowles, Hartford CT

I scanned this corner of the Cowles Family Tree, that I remember haning in our home in Faribault for many years to prepare for my visit to the UK and the land of my ancestors. On the copy I read "Original made about 1850, in the possession of William A Cowles, Washington DC of John, Samuel, Joseph, Ebenezer, Elisha, Roswell, George line. Above COWLES, "John 1685 born in England, Massachusetts about 1635, removed to Hartford, Conn, to Farmington 1645 (?) and Hatfield Mass 1649-66 "
I have found references that John was from Gloucestershire, and am looking for genealogical references and hope to stop in Gloucester near the Cotswolds on my trip in the next two weeks. I have found some information on line, that his father was a James Cole and that the name was change in the Colonies to avoid confusion with other Coles. My lineage is: Trunk, 1598 John 1675, First branch 1639 Samuel 1691, Second branch 1661 Samuel 1748, Third 1685 Thomas 1751, Fourth 1716 Josiah 1791, Fifth 1742 Gameliel - end original tree document--later added: Sixth 1784 Leonard Hamlet Cowles 1861, (b Jan 16 1784 Southington CT) ,Seventh 1820 Georgiana Cowles (m Lewis Glessner Delaware OH, Georgiana b Feb 18, 1820 Delaware OH d Sept 1907 Findlay OH), Eighth 1853 Leonard Cowles Glessner (b Mar 17, 1853 Delaware OH d Nov 1936 Findlay OH m Emma Chappelear Sept 12 1877 Farmer City IL, Ninth 1885 Harry Chappelear Glessner (b Aug 17 1885, Sedalia MO, d Oct 27 1973 Findlay (m Inez Chase March 25 1908, 10th 1910 Margaret Mary Glessner (b June 3. 1910 Findlay OH, d Aug 10, 2007 Eden Prairie MN, M Paul Henry Weaver, Sept 14, 1935 Findlay OH, 11th 1947 Thomas Glessner Weaver (b Feb 18 1947, M Susan Johnson, May 31 1974 Minneapolis MN, 12th 1981 Nathan Blair Weaver (b June 18, 1981 Minneapolis MN)
1985 Jesse Macrorie Weaver (b April 26, 1985 Minneapolis. MN). So that is the lineage back to England. My oldest brother, James Cowles Weaver, b 1940 carries the family name into my generation.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ginkgo Tree watching from the front porch

Susan and Paul observe from the cover of the front porch while Jesse, Eric and Devin carefully position the hole and dirt for the future growth of their tree friend, Mr Green Ginkgo tree. Known as the fossil tree, Ginkgo biloba, named after the 2 lobes of the leaf is said to have properties in the bioflavinoids in the leaves to preserve blood supply and thus intelligence in the vascular tree that supports the brain.

Ginkgo Tree watching as four 2 leggeds negotiate placement

The ginkgo tree patiently waits to the right, while Susan, Amy, Jesse and Eric position the hole and the soil for optimal root nutrition.

Pin Oak in Expertly Formed Earth Hole

Here are Jess and Eric leaving the site of their deeper digging for the placement of the Pin Oak in the back yard. Great to have a team to help in the hot weather!

Pin Oak Planting in Jesse's Back Yard

Prior to having his lawn planted in blue grass, fescue and rye grass next week, with black dirt brought in my Ken Freese's crew, here are Sue Weaver and Amy Brown digging the hole for the pin oak that Sue picked out for Jesse's yard. It is the first landscaping feature of Jesse's new place. Jesse and his roommate Eric from Cold Spring put good work into creating a deep hole to add the good soil.! Great work everyone. (Jesse and I were in the basement putting his new industrial shelf together in the storage room)

Edna Eichers Dominos - Ebony and Ivory ca 1890's

I was getting ready to drive to Jesse's new house, when I discovered this set of dominos. I remember the box being in the big glass shelved bookcase in our Faribault home and I think I asked my dad about them. In fact, on the inside of the sliding wood top is written in a young persons hand "Edna Eicher's Dominos and Charles Eicher's" Edna was the youngest of three childen born in rural Montgomery Co OHIO in the 1880's. The ebony and ivory is held with a metal pin. I think of the 1982 song Ebony and Ivory written by Paul McCartney and performed by he and Stevie Wonder, as a great song of creating better race relations in our nation. Interesting when I arrived at Jesse's his friend Devin had learned a fun dominos game and shared it with me. Something about creating houses with a 10 and filling rooms with each 5. Thanks Devin for the game. My first and only in Jesse's new home.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Gaylords Relatives - Charlie Engler, grandnephew, Doris and Millie sisters, and Gary Engler, nephew

Here are some of Gaylord's supporters at last nights event. Charlie has just returned from teaching in Korea and will be going Japan this fall. He was in a boy scout troup with my youngest son, Jesse and likes to travel as well. Doris and Millie are Gay's sisters, Millie being Gary's mom. Gary is my good friend from St Cloud, with whom I spent time listening to Gaylord's many stories while scanning in many of the photos with my Mac and scanner at his farm house in Mezappa MN. I wonderful event to honor a great story teller who was there, kinda like Forrest Gump! Thanks Gaylord for sharing your stories and for being welcomed into the Betcher, Engler family tree! The Veterans are even working to create a historical memorial at Wood Lake, where during the Dakota Conflict of 1862 warriors were lost from Little Crows group as well as that with Gen Sibley. They say they are working to create a tasteful story and memorial for all who served there. Pidamiyayedo...I am grateful for the true stories that will be told.

Gaylord Betcher - Interview by Tom Hosier - Seacrhlight in Italy

Here is Tom Hosier, father of Scott after whom this series is named in memory, interviewing Gaylord about his training and action as a searchlight operator. Here, Gay is pictured with an approximate 5' mirror that was illuminated by a carbon arch light, that Gay says could search up to 60 miles in the air to coordinate with anti aircraft and airplanes. During the talk he mentioned that a German fighter, likely a Messerschmidt was hit and crash landed nearby. I has a photo of the swastikas and a story that he made a bracelet out of some of the parts of the airplane. I lot of stories from four years of action from Tunisia, to Italy, to France, to Germany and back home. Here is a photo of the searchlight projected on the screen. Later a 10 minute DVD with music directed by Gary with music added by friend Bonnie was shown of Gaylord's service years

John Kruesel Military Music Historian

We were welcomed to the music of the military of the time. The Stars and Stripes Forever and other patriotic songs were shared by John Krusel here, who has the mono vinyl player here that he says "capture the sound of the times the best." John is active the setting up the talks by Vets at the Scott Hosier Memorial Event now held at this Assembly of God auditorium in Rochester. John also payed taps on the bugle for us at the end of the presentation by Gaylord and 2 other vets of the 63rd who broke through the Siegfriend Line with General Patton.

Gaylord Betcher - Reviewing Photo Album

Here is Gaylord desked out in his jacket, hat and his uniform of badges reflecting his years of service in the infantry. Gary it showing him a photo of himself with a German Beer mug taken at his Mezeppa farm home this summer by yours truly and a cartoon about the Terms of Peace. Fun to see the smile of life on this 91 year old warrior.

Gary and Charlie Enger with Uncle Gaylord Bettcher WWII Veteran

Here is my friend Gary Engler, nephew of Gaylord Betcher, veteran of service in Africa, Italy, France and Germany from 1941-1945 presenting him with a new collection of his photos from 4 years of service. Charlie, in the background is Gary's youngest son, who is just back from teaching in Korea. We shared stories on the drive down from the Cities. Gary's uncle Gaylord, served in 13 different actions of the conflict, trained as a search light technical soldier, he has photos from training in California, Florida and times in Africa, Italy, France and Germany, all documented in this book. It is said he was the first man across the Rhine on a pontoon bridge and was early through the Siegfried Line with the 63rd near the end of the European Conflict. His nephew Gary directed the creation of this book and a DVD shown at the event last night at Scott Hosier WWII series in Rocherster MN. Uncle Gay now has this book to share with his friends in Rochester and Mezeppa MN.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Barack Obama - Speaking to the Health System Choir in Minnesota

From quite a distance, here is a photo of Barack speaking to the audience of mostly Minnesota well wishers. The closest I likely will get to a standing president. I remember Fred Glessner, Leonard C Glessner's brother honeymooned with Warren G Harding, in Ohio, back in the day. The Glessners were Taft Repulicans and successful publishers and businessmen in Findlay Ohio for many years in the late 1800's and early 1900's. Fun to put it all in historical context.