Friday, September 25, 2009

Jack Gove - Personable Waiter at the Swan

After the man in the tie and blazer welcomed me to the comfortable setting with "Fachwerk type construction", I understand from the time of prosperity of the wool trade, Jack explained a little of the menu from the regular Suffolk Creamed Tea for L7.95 to the Traditional Swan Tea that includes the little tower of treats with Loch Fyne smoked salmon finger sandwiches included for L 19.95. I just had to try the local ale, Adnums from near the coast, the pint of which is pictured here to the right of Jack, who also has an I phone. He mentioned that he is also a son of a GP (like my father who practiced in rural Minnesota) and is now a philosophy major in Christschurch College in Oxford. I will send him the link to my blog by email. Thanks Jack for your kind service and support getting onto the world wide web here in rural Suffolk! Live long and prosper!

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