Saturday, September 19, 2009

Edna Eichers Dominos - Ebony and Ivory ca 1890's

I was getting ready to drive to Jesse's new house, when I discovered this set of dominos. I remember the box being in the big glass shelved bookcase in our Faribault home and I think I asked my dad about them. In fact, on the inside of the sliding wood top is written in a young persons hand "Edna Eicher's Dominos and Charles Eicher's" Edna was the youngest of three childen born in rural Montgomery Co OHIO in the 1880's. The ebony and ivory is held with a metal pin. I think of the 1982 song Ebony and Ivory written by Paul McCartney and performed by he and Stevie Wonder, as a great song of creating better race relations in our nation. Interesting when I arrived at Jesse's his friend Devin had learned a fun dominos game and shared it with me. Something about creating houses with a 10 and filling rooms with each 5. Thanks Devin for the game. My first and only in Jesse's new home.

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