Saturday, September 12, 2009

CCC Camp Pelican Root Cellar Remains - Sept 09 - Created 1938

This photo faces east and shows my brother Jim looking at the clear spots created by animals, likely deer, who inhabit the "old CCC land" he has stewarded since 1967. Local auther, James D Henderson, who created Pel-Mar Publishing, in Milwaukee WI, married Margaret Hirman who like the Weaver brothers, was raised during her summers on Sunset Beach on the SE Shore of Pelican Lake. On page 43 of his 2008 published Lost in the Woods, The Legacy of CCC Camp Pelican, in an entry dated 25 Feb 1938 " Activity "Root cellar nearing completion on eastern edge of camp on a hill, constructed of No.1 jack pine posts and lumber. Size is 18 ft x 24 ft. x 9 ft with 6 ft wide storm enterence, will hold 250 thousand seedlings, work benches, refrigerator system filled with ice to maintain constant temp of 50 degrees F. " Note Camp Pelican was closed Aug 11, 1938 with the demolition of the camp complete by Sept 1938 according to James Hendersons research reflected on p 45.
I suggest you contact the author to pick up a copy of this fine book that places this camp in perspective of the entire CCC movement of the Great Depression in the US. Thanks Jim! Contact Jim at

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