Saturday, September 26, 2009

Norwich East Anglia - Walk from Neighborhood to Cathedral

This is a sweet beautiful bridge I noticed as I walked down Oak Street from the neighborhood north of the ring road to walk to the central part of Norwich. Staying up to chat at the White Swan last evening, I neglected to book a B and B around Suffolk. I rang three B and B's and knocked on their doors in Lavenham and then in Little Waldingham, so I decided to go find the pub called the Sailor I read about on line in Ipswich. When I arrived on High Street with great directions from a police officer at the Ipswich police station, I could not find the B and B. Interesting the guy called me on my cell this AM while I was driving up to Norwich, via the Norfolk Coast and he said "I closed the place a while back and you are the second call this week. So, I slept in my rental car in a farmers entry to his field in the country side East of Ipswich. Saved some money and gosh, got at least 5 hours of sleep! Ah, even at my young age, I can have some great adventures... Staying flexible has helped me be able to relax in the car seat. THis is a Nisson and I will take a photo of the model. Does quite well with mileage, my first refill as I entered Lincolnshire from East Anglia today.

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