Friday, September 25, 2009

Suffolk County Church Records -Sarah Riddlesdale, wife of Joseph Bixby emigrantst from Suffolk

It was here, in this building that I was led to find micro film of the Assington Village Church Records, where Sarah Riddlesdale daughter of Edward Riddlesdale was written, as the 7th birth of 1623, born 16 Nov 1623 in Assington, Suffolk. this is helpful in verifying the accuracy of other information I have found in the Bixby genealogy and on line.
"Joseph BIXBY (George, Richard, Thomas, John, Thomas, Nicholas, Walter, John) was born on 28 Oct 1621 in Lit. Waldingfield, Suffolk, Eng.. He died in Apr 1701 in Boxford, Essex, Mass..Joseph married Sarah Riddlesdale (or HEARDE) daughter of Edward RIDDLESDALE and Mary HEARDE? in 1647 in Ipswich, Essex, Mass.. Sarah was born on 16 Nov 1623 in Assington, Suffolk, Eng.. She died on 3 Jun 1703 in Boxford, Essex, Mass.. " I am grateful to witness that much of this old research is accurate! Feeling rooted in rural Suffolk!

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