Sunday, September 27, 2009

Norwich Cathedral Interior - French and English Limestone

Sitting now in Lincoln, Lincolnshire, after witnessing another Norman Cathedral, working to sort out the stories. Here is the warm light of the Norman and later more Gothic structure in Norwich, begun in the 1090"s and first layers built of French limestone, and later with English stone after the wooden roofs burned. Ah, another building in process! I think the clergy and kings were about land ownership back in the day. Regarding the beauty of the stones, and the layers of history here on Mother Earth. And new layers of the tunka oyate, the stone nation to create the ediface. The images that speak in stone to the people of the times. Preliterate folks needed images and metaphors, like some of the archetypes of the four directions. Here is where I wanted to learn more about the Green Man and the imagery of the connection of the people to the land, and how to see the Creator through the Creation. One of the docents led me directly to the large cloister walk to see the images painted. Sat in a B and B with Donald, an octogenarian "uncle" and his "nephew" Ed for breakfast this morning. and shared theological stories. Ed seems interested in herbal medicine and so I gave him a sample of Treasure AKA "sundance" Tea from the Amazon. Hope he reads the label and remembers to boil it, a decoction, not an infusion like most English teas. I will send Ed a link my email this page! Interesting series of "tall" Englishmen here, first Ed, at about 5'5", then two more, one from Cambridgeshire, who claims to be 6'9" you will see him by the rowan trees and then another in the Lincoln Cathedral who claims 6'8" with his girl friend I guess. Check out some of the ensuing pages. Maybe is the "Lincoln factor", the 6'5" president of the states. At any case, I do enjoy being with tall men! And follow here for more tales from this tall weaver of stories.

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