Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Moving the Fridge into Jesse's New Home

Moving experiences into Jesse's new home. Here are Amy and Jane washing out the fridge that he purchased from Zach Powell's dad. After Jess, Zach and I drove to the lake by Cold Spring to pick it up with my handy utility trailer we unloaded it into Jesse's back yard. I clumsily let the fridge tip from the trailer while still on the dolly, forgetting to communicate my actions to Zach. and it fell to the ground! Oops. Fortunately, after Jess and I wrestled it down the stairs moving it through the house, from the front door (it was too wide to get in the back) he plugged it in to find that it works fine. Here, Amy and Jane cleaned out the mold and took all the shelves out to give it a good cleaning! Great food, fresh sulfur shelf from the woods, stir friend in the wok, fresh vegies and then fresh juiced vegies and fruits.

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