Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sue and Nate Weaver - After some comment - Brightening the day

Well, he are Sue and Nate, after a nice breakfast, as I am preparing to take Nate in my green pony to the MSP International Airport. Grateful that with my trailer in tow, I could drop Nate off at the Delta NW Departures easily as he had only carry on luggage. Nice to see traveling light modeled so well by both of my sons! Good to know how much they can teach me. Speaking of lightening my load, 9-11, yesterday is the day I applied for social securiy retirement and when I booked my flight to the UK, leaving Sept 23. Grateful for the Delta rebate I got for leaving a flight to save 400 bucks on my trip across the pond! Now to find the 1500 year old yew forests and learn from the ancient trees. Tree wisdom and family trees no less.

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