Sunday, September 13, 2009

Joining Minnesotans at the Target Center - Barack Obama's Rally for Health System Momentum

My friends, Jane Newell, Denise Martineau and Byron Aldrich each decided it would be fun to hear President Obama when he decided to speak here in Minnesota. I got a wheel chair for Denise and got my exercise wheeling on the skyway system. We found a handicapped parking on the next level up and here I took a photo of what looks to me like a secret service guy casing out the place. Airport like security here and about 17,000 people showed up for the rally. Barack is quite the speaker, learned his chops in Chicago and kept the cheer leading energy going for the locals. Fun to see a variety of friends, and seeing Peg Chamberlain, who was the campus minister at St Cloud State years back deliver an ecumentical blessing even using the Anishibeg thank you Megwitch.

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