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1938 Paul H Weaver and Margaret Glessner Weaver move to Minnesota - Photos from Noah Elwoods Album

Found in the large format black photo album of NE Weaver 1934 - 1939, on page 9, images of the Ed Duncan family of near Dayton Ohio.  On the grass is Jean, with ? girl, and "Babs" Barbara Duncan on the pony with Ed Duncan on the right. Estle Edward Duncan. by NE Weaver ca 1938.

Below,  Bill and Maxine Butler, with Paul H Weaver near Red Wing MN.  The Butler's were friends of Peg and Pete Weavers from Minneapolis.  Peg's best Oberlin friend, Jane Randle Banks introduced them as she met them at a retail school in New York City, where they had all studied after college graduation.  The Butlers, according to Peg Weaver in her memoir, p 37  "For the summer the Butlers had moved to a cottage in Deep Haven on Lake Minnetonka, where we drove to meet them. Being most hospitable, they served cognac, which we had never tasted before and could hardly swallow. Maxine and Bill's old car was named "Petunia". Through the cracks of the floor boards, I could see the pavement rolling by.
One evening we skated on the little lake in Loring Park near our Minneapolis apartment, becoming hysterical over our many spills. With Maxine and Bill we drove to Ladysmith, Wisconsin, to spend a weekend with Maxine's parents, when we saw our first storm-windowns. The Butler and Weavers became very good friends and for several years spent Thanksgivings together, alternating between Minneapolis and Faribault. The Butlers introduced us to Bernie Street an intern at a different Minneapolis hospital. After Pete was practicing in Faribault, he ran into Bernie at a Rice County Medical Society meeting when Bernie was practicing in Northfield, fifteen miles away."

Paul H Weaver MD and Noah Elwood Weaver, p 14, Large Format Black Album, Swedish Hospital Intern 1938, Minneapolis.  

1939 -  Weaver's move to Faribault. Citizen's Bank Building corner of 4th Ave NW and Central Ave, Faribault MN.  Upstairs is where Paul H Weaver MD's first medical practice was established with C Walter Rumpf MD and Charles Robilliard MD.   Photo by NE Weaver p 69
p 69 in 1939 labeled "Third & forth windoes from right the new office"  NW Corner of 4th Ave NW and Central Ave, Faribault.  Dr PH Weaver sets up his general practice here. 
P 69 image of Faribault Central Ave, "main street" looking south with the Citizens Bank office building on the right with the flag pole - Note Jim and Joe's sign down the street, Menz and Olympia Cafe. 

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1935- 1938 Noah Elwood Weaver - Ohio State University with son Paul Henry - Tom Roehm Family Dayton Area.

Here in a Noah Elwood Weaver album, 10 x 13 format, I discovered on Page 5 from 1935-38 four images of OSU, Ohio State University as labeled by Edna Weaver.   The first photo above is Tom (Roehm) in a suit, Tommy ? likely his son, with ? woman in a hat with my parents Peg and Paul H "Pete" Weaver, 2,  Tom Roehm, Edna Weaver,  boy, blonde hair, Tommy Roehm? my parents Paul H "Pete" Weaver with his likely new wife, Peg Glessner Weaver somewhere on the OSU Campus. 
3. Business on High Street, 1084 or 2084 High Street, where a Karvasalas (sp) had a candy store.  Looks like Tommy and Tom Roehm in front of the building.   4 - Paul H and Peg Glessner Weaver, Edna and Noah Elwood Weaver somewhere on the OSU Campus.  My parents were married in the fall of 1935, so I sense this was 1836-38.  PHW graduated from OSU in June 1938, and moved to Minnesota that summer.  

Royal Cafe High Street Columbus above which Paul and Peg Weaver lived. Tommy and Tom Roehm friends of Noah Elwood and Edna Weaver in front.  P 5 large black album 

Ohio State University photo Tom and Tommy Roehm with Peg and Paul "Pete" Weaver ca 1937-38
 July 1938 Detailed photo labeled D.G. Picnic at Miller's Grove.  Tom Roehm left, Gladys Roehm top center ?, Edna Weaver top right, three unidentified women right second and first row.
Page 7, of Noah Elwood Weaver's large black format Album 1934 - 1938.  

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1931 Tourist Camps Along Lake Erie, Ohio photos by Noah Elwood Weaver

More family camping, along the Lake Erie "coast" in the 1930's as photographed by Noah Elwood Weaver of West Carrollton Ohio. 

Page from the Green Album, at that time Dover Center, now Westlake area west of Cleveland.  From a post card found on line ""Schneider's 12 Miles west of Cleveland on U. S. 20 Halfway between Cleveland and Elyria Schneider's Tourist Camp Dover Center, Ohio Enjoy the Comforts of a Home in the Country, 50 Furnished Cottages, Good Camping Space, Running Water in Every..."
Also from

Center Ridge Road entrance to the campgrounds which began operating in 1925 when John Schneider returned from a trip to Florida where he was unable to find accomodations. As reported by his grandson, Clark D. Schneider, John said, "All a tourist needs is a bed." Cabins cost.50 cents for one night's stay. The public restroom and kitchen were added later. Front of picture shows side view of the Barbecue after an addition. The family home is in the background (right) Car dealership is the brick building in front, garage behind dealership.

Tom Roehm, Edna Eicher Weaver,  Gladys Roehm and dark haired woman, likely 1931 Schneiders Tourist Camp.
 Paul Henry Weaver, age 21 on camping trip.  Was a student then at Antioch College in Yellow Springs Ohio.
 Paul Henry Weaver photographed by his father, Noah Elwood Weaver, ca 1931.  He smoked a pipe from about age 20 in college until he experienced angina in his 60's.   40 years he enjoyed inhaling his pipe.  Mostly Bond Street Tobacco at least in the 1960's .

Dark haired women, Noah Elwood Weaver, "Timmy"Laurence W. Reichelderfer, Gladys and Tom Roehm.  1931 CA photo by NEWeaver (Edna may have taken this one) Green Album
 CA 1931 back side of Schneider's Tourist Camp , Noah Elwood Weaver Green Album 4 images, near Akron OH
Looks like the airship Columbia here  ON line I discovered "Upon World War I's conclusion, the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company continued to manufacture zeppelins. The firm used most of these ships to advertise its products. By the late 1920s and the early 1930s, among the firm's completed zeppelins were the PonyPilgrimPuritanVolunteer,MayflowerVigilantDefenderRelianceResoluteEnterpriseRanger, and Columbia. Most of these ships utilized helium to become airborne, while zeppelins originally used heated air or hydrogen. During this period, other companies, especially European ones, were constructing airships to transport passengers, including across the Atlantic Ocean. Goodyear also manufactured two airships, the Akron and the Macon, for the United States military during the early 1930s. During World War II, the company manufactured 104 airships for the military at its Akron facility."

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1931 Camping Lake Erie Noah Elwood and Edna Weaver with Tom, Gladys Roehm families Beach Scenes

P 19 1931 Ca Green Album Pleasant Point Tourist Camp - on the rocky shore of Lake Erie  near Sandusky Bay - First Photo, perhaps 3 boys from far left and 2 on shore, then Tom Roehm far right, Site of Pleasant Point Tourist Camp with Sign.  Three women "floating" with swimmer out in the lake - Single woman NE Weaver  

Enlarged image with 3 boys from L to R, Tom Roehm at Right 
Enlargement p 19 of 1931 Ca scene of three families camping. 
 P 20 Green Album of NE Weaver's  Ca 1931 L Marblehead Light House, with 4 figures by the door.

Above, Camp Site on Rocky Shore (Pleasant Point Tourist Camp sign on Page 19 above),  Below, NEW likely with Edna "floating" in Lake Erie,  Tom Roehm and Edna Eicher Weaver on a rock ledge.

P 21 Gladys and Tom Roehm on rocky shore,  Tom and a third woman (not Edna on rock)  Gladys on the rocky shore from behind by Noah Elwood Weaver, Green Album ca 1931

Green Album 1931 more grassy campsite near Lake Erie? Card players, Tom Roehm, dark haired women, Edna E Weaver, Gladys Roehm. Sandy Beach with swimmers,  
Table with Gladys, Curlyhaired woman, boy, Edna Weaver, Tom Roehm with cup. 
Card players at a distance.  By NE Weaver 
1931  Tom Roehm, Boy, Laurence ?, black haired woman, Edna Weaver, Gladys Roehm campsite with white benches.   Fisherman likely in Lake Erie.   View of Camp site with White Benches.
I returned to Marblehead this past week, to see where they might have camped, and no tourist camps left here in the 21st century.  

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1929 and later Ohio photos by Noah Elwood Weaver, Green Album

 Here at the beginning of a Green Album, format 7 1/4 x 11 1/4, in 1930 (see car license), 1) above, Billy and Hattie with Bobby in her lap, 2) below,  are Billy and Bobby and William B Weaver, their father,  on the Weaver family farm sect 3, Miami Twp, above Miamisburg OH .  Photo by uncle Noah Elwood Weaver who was born on this farm, now living in West Carrollton.
1930-31 Photo on Weaver farm, woman farm hand with baby, Hattie Weaver, Bobby on top of hay mound, William B Weaver and farm hand in hat. P 6, Green Album by NEW.  Bobby on dad's back in stubble field.
William Benton Weaver Sr, with Bobby Weaver (b 1929) on hay mound  ca 1930-31, Weaver family farm,  page 6, Noah Elwood Weaver Green Album 
P 12 1929 Mystery man training a dog, (German Shepard?) in back yard with brick wall. Older man with blonde boy (same is baseball uniform boy below?) with backyard quartz rock feature. Dayton area?
1929 Page 12 B  Young man training German sheperd in back  yard, with young blonde boy looking on.  Noah Elwood Weaver Green 1929-1930's album
 P 13, 1929 Some kind of park with the dog training family here. Above 1) Blonde boy with baseball outfit, Paul Henry Weaver , young man with leash, who trains the dog , young man with vest (As PH Weaver, my dad, went to Antioch College in nearby Yellow Springs, I wonder if these are some of the connections he made (no labels)  2) Older man with plaid tie, by car. 3) Young dog trainer man, 2 young women, BB boy older couple" with dog, man with plaid tie. 4) Vest man, gir, dog and PHW with dog trainer.

1929 Boy in Baseball outfit, with dad, names/ and dog. Park?  Noah Elwood Weaver and 1929 licensed car.  Woman with German Shepard dog.  Park building.  NEW Green Album P 14

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1914 - 1917 Photos around West Carrollton Ohio - Cousins Paul Henry Weaver and Ethel "Betty" Elizabeth Eicher

 Aug 16, 1914,  page 94 of Noah Elwood Weaver's brown leather album .Paul Henry Weaver with flowers, "backyard" of 321 E Main St, West Carrollton
Undated, page 95 at Bellbrook Road & Springboro Pike Henry Eicher 2 acre farm.  Paul Henry Weaver (b 12/1910 West Carrollton) with Ethel "Betty" Elizabeth Eicher (b 2/1913 Miamisburg) with Noah Elwood Weaver, in the brn leather Album

Close up of Ethel Elizabeth "Betty" Eicher, Noah Elwood Weaver and Paul Henry Weaver p95 of brown leather album of NEW's
1915-16 ca P 96 Noah Elwood Weaver's brown leather album.  Betty EEE Ethel Elizabeth Eicher with Henry Eicher and Paul Henry Weaver, in hammock looking south from NW corner of Bellbrook Road and Springboro Pike (2 acre hobby farm of Henry and Esther Eicher)  , Betty with man in straw hat? and her father Charles Eicher leaning on the tree. Betty with her Aunt EEE, Emma Esther Eicher, with Paul Henry, photos by NEW.

P 96 close up of Ethyl Elizabeth "Betty" Eicher, Emma Esther Eicher "Esther" and Paul Henry Weaver. "Betty" was born in 1913, Paul Henry in 1910.

Betty Eicher (daughter of Charles Eicher) Henry Eicher and Paul Henry Weaver 

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Eicher Family Farm - Miami Twp, Noah Elwood Weaver Black small leather Album 1914 around West Carrollton OHIO

 Back in 2006, before I did any blogging, I was able to scan a high level rez image to folks at Cox Arboretum in West Carrollton. This is what appeared in the Spring 2005 Newsletter on Page 5.   Back in 1914 when this photo was taken, this was farm land with a woods on the south part of the George Eicher farm.   Grateful for the publication of two of Noah Elwood Weaver's photos from one of his album, I call here the black 7 1/4 x 11 1/2 inch album.
Here is the full page article in the Spring 2006 issue from the Cox Arboretum, on Page 5.

Here is the image on page 4 of the Noah Elwood Weaver black leather album, woman and kids, likely on a Sunday walk up on the Eicher farm hill, when now the creek is in the Overlook part of the Cox Arboretum - I will add other photos from a century ago, showing the open land, when Dayton was a city 7 miles to the north. No suburbs back then. :-)

P 2 Black Album,  field with Eicher Farm and Apple orchard behind,  Ca 1914

The Eicher farm in Sect 15 Miami Twp, has the small road about 2/3 mile from West Carrollton.  The x at 1 mile point is the Henry Eicher 2 acre corner, Bellbrook Road and Springboro Pike that is featured elsewhere on the blog.  The Lamb School just off of Holes Creek, may be the Alexanderville School where Edna Eicher is pictured as a teacher.  Less than a mile walk! :-)

 p 5 Black Album ca 1914 scenes from the Geo Eicher Farm  Top wooded area, far right Noah E Weaver,  below open area...5th from L, Esther Eicher, 10th, Noah Elwood Weaver....
1914   P 6,  George Eicher Farm, ducks and creek bed with Sunday dressed men and women.

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More photos from Noah Elwood Weaver's Photographs from a Century Ago - Request for support to Identify Images

 I am looking for help in finding where some of NEW's photos were taken,  Page by page. in his Leather Album taken 1910- 1920 or so around West Carrollton and the Miami River Valley.

Please check these out and comment below, or contact me,

Four images on Page 90, ca 1914 NEW Leather Album 1) Edna Weaver in a boat. Location?  2) Large home,  location?   3) 321 E Main, West Carrollton, NEW, PHW and EHEW back yard  4) Paul Henry with Edna E Weaver, same back yard
 1914 ca,  Page 90, NEW Brown Leather Album.  Noah Elwood, Paul Henry, and Edna H E Weaver in back yard garden with horse toy.  
 June 1914 Page 85, Leather Album.  Paul Henry Weaver,  PHW with grandpa Henry Eicher on Bellbrook Rd near Spingboro Pike, 2 acre farm on left,  Basket.  PHW with kitten.
1914  June  Paul Henry with Kitten by NEW