Thursday, July 3, 2014

Eicher Family Farm - Miami Twp, Noah Elwood Weaver Black small leather Album 1914 around West Carrollton OHIO

 Back in 2006, before I did any blogging, I was able to scan a high level rez image to folks at Cox Arboretum in West Carrollton. This is what appeared in the Spring 2005 Newsletter on Page 5.   Back in 1914 when this photo was taken, this was farm land with a woods on the south part of the George Eicher farm.   Grateful for the publication of two of Noah Elwood Weaver's photos from one of his album, I call here the black 7 1/4 x 11 1/2 inch album.
Here is the full page article in the Spring 2006 issue from the Cox Arboretum, on Page 5.

Here is the image on page 4 of the Noah Elwood Weaver black leather album, woman and kids, likely on a Sunday walk up on the Eicher farm hill, when now the creek is in the Overlook part of the Cox Arboretum - I will add other photos from a century ago, showing the open land, when Dayton was a city 7 miles to the north. No suburbs back then. :-)

P 2 Black Album,  field with Eicher Farm and Apple orchard behind,  Ca 1914

The Eicher farm in Sect 15 Miami Twp, has the small road about 2/3 mile from West Carrollton.  The x at 1 mile point is the Henry Eicher 2 acre corner, Bellbrook Road and Springboro Pike that is featured elsewhere on the blog.  The Lamb School just off of Holes Creek, may be the Alexanderville School where Edna Eicher is pictured as a teacher.  Less than a mile walk! :-)

 p 5 Black Album ca 1914 scenes from the Geo Eicher Farm  Top wooded area, far right Noah E Weaver,  below open area...5th from L, Esther Eicher, 10th, Noah Elwood Weaver....
1914   P 6,  George Eicher Farm, ducks and creek bed with Sunday dressed men and women.

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