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1914 - 1917 Photos around West Carrollton Ohio - Cousins Paul Henry Weaver and Ethel "Betty" Elizabeth Eicher

 Aug 16, 1914,  page 94 of Noah Elwood Weaver's brown leather album .Paul Henry Weaver with flowers, "backyard" of 321 E Main St, West Carrollton
Undated, page 95 at Bellbrook Road & Springboro Pike Henry Eicher 2 acre farm.  Paul Henry Weaver (b 12/1910 West Carrollton) with Ethel "Betty" Elizabeth Eicher (b 2/1913 Miamisburg) with Noah Elwood Weaver, in the brn leather Album

Close up of Ethel Elizabeth "Betty" Eicher, Noah Elwood Weaver and Paul Henry Weaver p95 of brown leather album of NEW's
1915-16 ca P 96 Noah Elwood Weaver's brown leather album.  Betty EEE Ethel Elizabeth Eicher with Henry Eicher and Paul Henry Weaver, in hammock looking south from NW corner of Bellbrook Road and Springboro Pike (2 acre hobby farm of Henry and Esther Eicher)  , Betty with man in straw hat? and her father Charles Eicher leaning on the tree. Betty with her Aunt EEE, Emma Esther Eicher, with Paul Henry, photos by NEW.

P 96 close up of Ethyl Elizabeth "Betty" Eicher, Emma Esther Eicher "Esther" and Paul Henry Weaver. "Betty" was born in 1913, Paul Henry in 1910.

Betty Eicher (daughter of Charles Eicher) Henry Eicher and Paul Henry Weaver 

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