Saturday, July 26, 2014

1935- 1938 Noah Elwood Weaver - Ohio State University with son Paul Henry - Tom Roehm Family Dayton Area.

Here in a Noah Elwood Weaver album, 10 x 13 format, I discovered on Page 5 from 1935-38 four images of OSU, Ohio State University as labeled by Edna Weaver.   The first photo above is Tom (Roehm) in a suit, Tommy ? likely his son, with ? woman in a hat with my parents Peg and Paul H "Pete" Weaver, 2,  Tom Roehm, Edna Weaver,  boy, blonde hair, Tommy Roehm? my parents Paul H "Pete" Weaver with his likely new wife, Peg Glessner Weaver somewhere on the OSU Campus. 
3. Business on High Street, 1084 or 2084 High Street, where a Karvasalas (sp) had a candy store.  Looks like Tommy and Tom Roehm in front of the building.   4 - Paul H and Peg Glessner Weaver, Edna and Noah Elwood Weaver somewhere on the OSU Campus.  My parents were married in the fall of 1935, so I sense this was 1836-38.  PHW graduated from OSU in June 1938, and moved to Minnesota that summer.  

Royal Cafe High Street Columbus above which Paul and Peg Weaver lived. Tommy and Tom Roehm friends of Noah Elwood and Edna Weaver in front.  P 5 large black album 

Ohio State University photo Tom and Tommy Roehm with Peg and Paul "Pete" Weaver ca 1937-38
 July 1938 Detailed photo labeled D.G. Picnic at Miller's Grove.  Tom Roehm left, Gladys Roehm top center ?, Edna Weaver top right, three unidentified women right second and first row.
Page 7, of Noah Elwood Weaver's large black format Album 1934 - 1938.  

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