Wednesday, July 2, 2014

More photos from Noah Elwood Weaver's Photographs from a Century Ago - Request for support to Identify Images

 I am looking for help in finding where some of NEW's photos were taken,  Page by page. in his Leather Album taken 1910- 1920 or so around West Carrollton and the Miami River Valley.

Please check these out and comment below, or contact me,

Four images on Page 90, ca 1914 NEW Leather Album 1) Edna Weaver in a boat. Location?  2) Large home,  location?   3) 321 E Main, West Carrollton, NEW, PHW and EHEW back yard  4) Paul Henry with Edna E Weaver, same back yard
 1914 ca,  Page 90, NEW Brown Leather Album.  Noah Elwood, Paul Henry, and Edna H E Weaver in back yard garden with horse toy.  
 June 1914 Page 85, Leather Album.  Paul Henry Weaver,  PHW with grandpa Henry Eicher on Bellbrook Rd near Spingboro Pike, 2 acre farm on left,  Basket.  PHW with kitten.
1914  June  Paul Henry with Kitten by NEW

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