Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Returning to Carleton for my 45th Reunion - Reconnecting with the spirit of Dacie Moses House in a Good Way

Entry to Dace's Kitchen in Northfield, 110 Union Street Pictured here is Takashi Kodera, on Sunday June 22.  I just learned this weekend from Jim, as he is addressed out east, that he made this sign one summer in the 1960's at a YMCA in Wisconsin while at summer Camp.  Takashi, as I know him,  in 1965, was as he puts it, "a foreign student, one of 10 that year at Carleton".   I remember meeting at the Carleton Book Store the first week of school. I learned to be curious about other cultures in my home, where I collected postage stamps from all over the world.  I am so grateful that I have been able to stay in touch with Takashi, who in my opinion has a very enlightened and broad view of spirituality and multiculturalism through his experience as a naturalized citizen of the US.  Along the way, he received his PhD and has been ordained into the Episcopal Church.
 Here is his  bio on the Wellesley College website


At the end of an amazing reunion weekend in Northfield, I am still digesting all the connections and learnings.  Beginning with noticing the floods and waters, almost Biblical as I thought about my grandfather Noah Elwood Weaver, during my presentation on Genealogy How Tos, on Friday.   Happy that 12 of my classmates joined in the conversation in Olin, with the spirit of Harold Henderson present in his two page handout. 
 Here I am as seen through the lens by Takashi.  He spoke very kindly and deeply over the weekend, from his heart as to how Carleton, in specific Dacie Moses, the owner of this home, who honored the community by giving it to Carleton  While we were here for the weekend, Megan Dolezal, Carleton 2013, was in the home signing her 2014 publication, self illustrated honoring Dacie and the house, with her evocative "The Cookie House"  Here are some pages from the book, starting with Takashi's Eulogy for Dacie.  For a guy that said, he had to take the Freshman course called "Rhetoric" twice, his heart felt words are clear like another man, writing in a second language, Joseph Conrad.  In Heart of Darkness, I was assigned to read in Freshman Rhetoric at Carleton was written by a guy whose first language was Polish.  These words, written by a naturalized citizen from Asia with a big heart, lands on my heart in a good way.  Thanks Takashi for your generous heart.
 P 33, The Cookie House, front door of 110 Union
 p 42  "The Knights were here since 1955" Carleton singing Knights founded by Dixon Bond '59 - the story of how the house was saved through the support of students and alumni.
 p 43.  The thread of the warmth of the Kitchen, and cookies baked there, and the Dace's Kitchen sign constructed by Takashi Kodera at a YMCA summer camp.  (See photo of the creator above)
 P 45 with the continued events including Sunday brunch 10 -12 in the spirit of Dacie, and Cecil Hutton's bread. :-)
p 46, Continuing the spirit of generosity, acceptance and welcoming that is the essence of Dacie Moses' spiritual legacy. Songs and food!  

p 44 Honoring the continued work, maintenance that goes into keeping the spirit of Dacie Moses House, the cookie house, alive for future generations. 

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