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1928 West Carrollton High School Graduates - Friends and Family West Carrollton - Miami River Valley Ohio

 Paul Henry Weaver, in a low resolution photo, with a pergola in a back yard view, Spring 1928 - Wisteria or Trumpet Vine.
In preparing for the July West Carrollton Historical Society Exhibit, curated by Sarah Allison, she requested some photos from the 1928 High School Graduation.  The Weaver's lived down the street from the high school and I have noticed a variety of photos of the two high schools built of brick, likely taken by Noah Elwood since he moved close by around 1912.   P1 of NEW 1928
Small Black Album to be archived later this year with Wright State University.

Two of the female graduates of West Carrollton High School, not labeled. p1 NEW Small Format 1928 Album. I invite folks to look at the 31 faces on the 1928 WCHS image below.  7 faculty 24 grads it appears. 

 Paul Henry Weaver backyard blooming fruit tree, P 2 1928 Small format album Noah Elwood Weaver
 Three girls in long dresses by WCHS, p1 NEW 1928 small black format album.
Five women, WCHS building, p2 NEW Small Format Album 1928
 1928 summer, ?___gird friend of Paul Henry Weaver by NEWeaver p 3 Small format black album
 1928 small format black album, p3 NEW photo.  Farm and boys with dog and car, Paul Henry Weaver center.
1928 view of Little Miami River from Ft Ancient, Warren County Southeast of West Carrollton OH about 20 miles.  Page 4 NEWeaver Black Small Album
Unknown man with hat in hand, Paul Henry Weaver and Noah Elwood Weaver, woodland area likely Ft Ancient as on the same page, p 4 of 1928 NEW Black small format album

History of Fort Ancient State Memorial

In Warren County, Ohio, an isolated peninsula rises 80 meters (about 260 feet) above the muddy banks of the Little Miami River. There exists an immense monument to the dedication and technological savvy of the original inhabitants of prehistoric North America. This vast 51 hectare (about 126 acres) plateau is enclosed by embankment walls that stand 1.5 to 7 meters (about 5 to 23 feet) high, constructed by repeatedly dumping baskets loaded with soil upon one another. The Hopewell, known for their engineering expertise, built these walls and many other features both within the enclosure and on the steep valleys that surround the site: conical and crescent-shaped mounds, limestone pavements and circles, and many subsurface elements that are currently coming to light. Today, the Fort Ancient State Memorial is listed on the National Register of Historic Places because of its importance to Ohio prehistory.

1928 West Carrollton High School basketball team.  Paul H Weaver tallest 4th from left back row. In PH Weaver binder, collection and of  genealogy PH Weaver by Tom Weaver...

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