Wednesday, June 11, 2014

1914 - 5 Photos of Farms and Family, East of West Carrollton Rural Montgomery County Ohio - The Lens of N Elwood Weaver

In the large format album starting in 1912, I rediscovered some photos from the George Eicher Farm, Sect 15, Miami Twp.  This one of four kids (PHW is second from the right) looking down from the hill (now part of Cox Arboretum toward the Alexanderville - Bellbrook Pike during the 1914-5 snow season.
Here are the kids by the ravine that a creek occupies, that has limestone step, that I have visited at Cox Arboretum.  1914-5 fall winter by NEWeaver P 11,  

Four kids in snow of Geo Eicher's farm hill, Paul Henry Weaver on right, 1914-5 p 12 Album
Snowman creation in progress, Geo Eicher farm Hill, Paul Henry, girl name?, boy name?, and second girl ?    Fun to see the photo created by Noah Elwood Weaver winter 1914-5 p 12  

 Area farm likely taken from Geo Eicher Hil.  1915 p 16, NEW Album

 From Geo Eicher's Hill, Large Oaks to left with Geo Eichers barns and tobacco sheds.  White buildings in distance, Henry Eicher's 2 acre homestead on Alexanderville- Bellbrook Pike, with Dayton 7 miles to the north. 
1915 photo page 16, labeled John J Patterson, founder of NCR in Dayton is one of the riders.  NEWeaver

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