Friday, June 13, 2014

1912 Rural Miami Township Photos, Farms of the Paul, Eicher and Weaver families - Noah Elwood Weaver Album

 1911-1912 Weaver farm family portrait, p 38, of Brown Leather Album of NEW. Left to right: Jacob Krietzer (sp?) hired hand listed in 1910 census, Noah Weaver, farmer, woman with parrot, no name?, Hattie Weaver holding her grandson, Paul Henry Weaver,  William Weaver, Noah Elwood Weaver sitting and Edna Helena Eicher Weaver.  The Weaver Farm is about 2 miles east of Miamisburg on Bindery Hill Road.
 P 40 in the album, with no labels.   Perhaps the Paul family farm in Jefferson Twp.  The woman sitting left appears to be Emma Esther Eicher, EEE, and Paul Henry Weaver is in the arms of a boy in the chair to the right, with Edna Helena Eicher Weaver (see the collar as below) and wonder what farm stead this is at.  Any support is very welcome!
1912, page 49 NEW Brown Leather Album, Paul Henry, Noah Elwood and Edna Helena Weaver, perhaps on the Paul farm or on the Helena and Henry Eicher 2 acre homestead on the Alex Bellbrook Road. 

Noah Elwood with Paul Henry on Rocking Chair Location?

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