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Noah Weaver, Noah Elwood Weaver, Paul Henry Weaver- Henry Eicher my legacy of father's - Remembering on Father's Day

A series of photos of from Noah Elwood Weaver's albums.  A request for father and son images from the curator of an exhibit led to these being uploaded. It occurs to me that in the early albums, N Elwood took photos, not only at home, at two family homes on Main Street in West Carrollton, he also visited farms and other natural sites in the Miami Rive Valley with his son.
1911 - In rental home, Walnut and Main This is the full page, page 7, in the Brown Suede Leather Album of NEW's that starts prior to Paul Henry's birth in the home they rented.  Portraits of Noah Elwood himself and Edna in a chair with this open collar full dress with Paul Henry as an infant, likely in their home.
 Paul Henry the winter of 1911-12 at the corner rental home, now Main and Walnut, with his son, Paul Henry Weaver.  p 32 Brown Leather Album,
 Three generations of Weavers, ca 1911 Paul Henry, Noah, Noah Elwood, Harriet, William.P 13, Brown Leather Album - Taken at a non identified home with a lattice work entrance.
Page 13 of the Brown Leather Album, N Elwood's portrait with a boy and girl, with his infant son, in 1911, at the same home, with the lattice work.  No labeling in the album.  Son on the lawn, perhaps backyard of this home or rental home in West Carrollton?  

 Christmas Tree 1911, in rental home. P 34 Brown Leather Album Note Photograph album small black format in front of letter blocks for Paul.(And look at the ornate wall paper!)
 1915, Paul Henry and his mom, Edna Helena resting at the base of the Geo Eicher Hill, on the Eicher farm Sect 15, Miami Twp just west of West Carrollton -  This area is now part of a subdivision of West Carrollton.  In these times, Dayton was a city 7 miles to the north, with farm fields and hills .
)Henry Eicher, resident along Bellbrook road, with his horse and buggy, 1915 , p 14 Large Format Black Album of N Elwood Weaver photography. Enda Eicher Weaver inside, likely with Paul Henry.
Edna Helena Eicher Weaver with her son Paul Henry, rental home Main Street West Carrollton Ohio, 1911 by Noah Elwood Weaver p31 Brown Leather Album
Edna H E Weaver with Paul Henry.  Blouse with neck cameo. 1911 NEW p 4 Brown Leather Album

1917  Esther and Henry Eicher's home on Bellbrook Road at Springboro Pike Intersection.  Henry in his rocking chair with Paul Henry, holding a walking stick, under the big locust tree.
1916-17 Paul Henry Weaver wading in Hole's Creek, about 1 /2 mile N of Henry and Esthers home on Bellbrook Road  by NEWeaver Photo p 25 Large Format Album
P 29 Girls and Paul Henry Weaver in W Carollton Schoolyard, ca 1917-18 by NEWeaver, Large Format Black Album

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