Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hong Kong to Bali - Asian Transition Coffee and Food

On my way from Yunnan to Hong Kong, it was familiar enough to take the A41 bus from the HK airport to the Regal RIverside in Sha Tin New Territories without a hitch. Had a nice dinner with Keith my guide when I spent three days here earlier. Grateful for a real Western Breakfast here overlooking the river and noticing the high rise architecture as well as some green garden space. Most refreshing is that folks can hear and speak English. Yingyu spoken here! Ah, nice coffee with milk and they provide paper napkins too.

I flew to Bali after just one night back in HK. Fun to reconnect with Keith and then make my way to a tropical nation I have heard about for years. Very calm and smiling people. Wayan, my guide, pointed out his name is first born and very common in Bali, and I learned my name is Nyoman (third born) Thomas. Here I am on my way to Sanur Beach with Wayan pointing to a
Bougainvillea tree with purple flowers.

Here is my friend Wayan on the beach at Sanur at low tide. We walked the beach path on a fine windy day and watched parasailors and just the life on the beach.

Here is a shop along the beach in Sanur where Wayan and I walked my first full day in Bali.

Prayer and offerings to the ancestors are part of everyday life here. Here is a typical offering at a statue along the side walk