Saturday, March 17, 2012

Here is a view of one of the Tibetan Buddhist Temples in Zhongdian that I passed walking for 2 days in this small town up in the foothills where many travelers go into Tibet.
While in the ethnic Tibetan foothills of Yunnan I stayed an a rustic wooden home in Zhongdian called by same Shangri La to attract tourists. The men's toilet sign has Tibetan at the top, then Chinese and finally the singular MAN. I got a lead from my Carleton Friend Leo Lum's friend who lives in Beijing, Liu Jianqiang who writes for the 中外对话| China Dialogue site
Here is Liu Jainqiang's friend Long Ying, who I met in Shangri -la and found lodging for me. I was treated to folk music the first night to lull me to sleep as she has many friends in the area. Sweet time.
2012 is the Year of the Dragon and here I am in Kunming Yunnan China in September of 2011, toward the end of my 2 month walk about in Australia and Asia. This was the flight from Kunming to Hong Kong, where I connected once again with my guide, Keith from Sha Tin, in New Territories. So grateful for the 21st Century technology of Skype and my iphone that allowed me to text and connect in a cost effective way across the continents of Australia and Asia. Post this today, March 17th in very warm 75+ degree March weather in Minnesota.