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Immigration in the American South - WL Glessner publisher connections

In November 2011, the month I drove to southern Georgia, through Macon to Americus,  I found a reference to the scholarly  book, Immigration in the American South 1864-1895, A Documentary History of the Southern Immigration Conventions by Jason H Silverman and Susan R Silverman -
I wrote and purchased a copy directly from the authors, Dr Jason Silverman and Susan R Silverman

The Back cover of the book with authors bio -  

Jason from

College of Arts and Sciences

Faculty Profile

 Silverman, Jason   Name:  Jason Silverman

 Dedication to Glessner Family history in the South (Wm Legget Glessner, the first born son of Lewis Glessner,  had brothers and sisters who immigrated to Georgia from Ohio as well) See William Legget Glessner on Find a grave to see siblings "
  William Legget Glessner (1840 - 1926)*Sep. 27, 1840 Ohio,  d Jan. 5, 1926 Augusta, Georgia
Edward Cowles Glessner (1844 - 1864)*  b May 23, 1844 Ohio,  d Jun. 28, 1864 Kinnesaw Mt Georgia,
  Fredrick Henry Glessner (1846 - 1936)* b Nov. 1, 1846, Ohio d Dec.,  Dec 10 1936 Fostoria Ohio
  Florence Glessner (1849 - 1926)* Mar. 6, 1849 Ohio, d Sep. 21, 1926 Griffin Spalding County Georgia
  Clara Glessner (1851 - 1863)* b Aug. 4, 1851 Ohio ,d  Jan. 8, 1863 Findlay, Ohio
  Leonard Cowles Glessner (1853 - 1936)* (this authors great grandfather) Mar. 17, 1853 Ohio, Dec. 11, 193 Findlay,Ohio
  Douglas Glessner (1856 - 1910)* b Nov. 26, 1856 Ohio, d Jun. 10, 1910 Griffin, Georgia
  Laura E. Glessner (1859 - 1958)* b Jan. 16, 1859 Ohio, d Sep. 12, 1958 Brunswick, Georgia
  Eleanor Glessner White (1863 - 1940)"b Jan. 22, 1863,  d Oct. 4, 1940 Spaulding Co, Georgia

p 20 of Immigration in the American South, documenting WL Glessner stepped up to manage the Central Railroad of Georgia's Bureau of Immigration in March of 1888, and that he would accompany a train car into the Northwest including the Columbus ohio, exposition in October  
WL Glessner Editor of Southern Empire, Americus GA, Sept 1891 - note census data of assessed values in 1890 and 1880 in the text -  above and below issues of Dixie and even a colony to compare with the "Rugby" idea, promoted in Tennessee during that era - from Wiki "Founded in 1880 by English author Thomas Hughes, Rugby was built as an experimental utopian colony. While Hughes's experiment largely failed, a small community lingered at Rugby throughout the 20th century,_Tennessee
Even the idea of world markets for cotton, a major crop of Georgia written on pages 339-40, in the Southern Empire, edited by William Legget (WL) Glessner, the first born son of Lewis Glessner of Delaware Ohio
 I sense the "fine hotel" referred to here in 1891 is the Windsor Hotel. Built in 1892, to attract winter visitors from the north, the Windsor was a 100-room, five story Victorian structure complete with towers, balconies, and a three story open atrium lobby. It occupies nearly an entire city block, and was the site of numerous balls and celebrations. As famous as the structure is, are the visitors who have graced its halls. see

Pecan tree in front of the Glessner Home in Americus, that I visited in Nov 2011