Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Noah Elwood & Edna Eicher Weaver and children on Main Street, West Carrollton Ohio - New parents in 1910 and new home at 321 East Main

 Man with briefcase houses on E Main Street, ca 1912, 321 E Main is 3rd from the right with the right sided porch that was purchased by NE and Edna Weaver, when they moved out of the rental home then 137 West? Now on the NW corner of Walnut and Main.
 Working this week, to find the appropriate photos for an exhibit of Noah Elwood's photos, curated by Sarah Allison, a college student/intern for the West Carrollton Historical Society. I met Sarah, her dad Jerry Allison from West Carrollton, last week in Ohio,  with my cousins, Andy Snow, photographer of "A Flood of Memories" Published by the Miami Conservancy District in 2013 and Jeannette Allen Weaver, with her husband Fred Weaver at the historical society building on Central, near the Swart Funeral home, where I sang for NEW's funeral in 1973.  I just I rediscovered a large format album ( 10 1/4" x 13 1/2" ), that I had the sense to have my father, look at a label with me prior to his 1982 untimely death at the young age of 71, with photos from 1912-15.   

1912, 321 E Main, West Carrollton OH, recently purchased by the Weaver Family, Noah Elwood Weaver, Edna Helena Eicher Weaver with Paul Henry their son.
Edna H Eicher Weaver weeding and gardening behind the 321 E Main St home, summer 1912, photo by NEW p2 of Large Format Black Album
1914, Paul Henry Weaver with his "mother's doll". Portrait by NE Weaver p9 Large Format 1912-15 Album

 Kids playing on a wagon, 1914, between 321 E Main and next home north, Paul H Weaver, Mae Leiter (Shade) and Frances Ellis. p 9 NEW Large format Album
 ca 1915  Ethyl Elisabeth "Betty"  Eicher (born  Feb 1913, just before the great flood in Miamisburg), Henry Eicher (grandfather to both),  Paul Henry Weaver (born Dec 1910) sitting on stone wall, likely in West Carrollton.  p 4, NEW Large Format Album

 Jim Colburn and Paul Henry Weaver 1914 side walk Main Street, with toy, by NEW p 4 Large Format Album.
Roller Skaters, ca 1914-15 (note metal pole for hitching up a horse in back) Ruth LeFevre, Paul H Weaver, Sarah Parker, Frances Willis.  p 9 NEW Large Format Album  Front of 321 E Main WC

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