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Water and Life -Returning to the land of my Ohio Ancestors 2014 - Honoring Noah Elwood Weaver, a contemporary of the Wright Bros - and Andy Snow current photographer

1910?  Noah Elwood Weaver, neighbor girl, Henry Eicher, Edna Eicher Weaver, "Lane" Helena Paul Eicher,  Neighbor woman 
For many years, after visiting West Carrollton Ohio, to visit my grandfather, N "Elwood" Weaver in the 50's and 60's, and then attending his funeral in 1973, I have been intrigued by his character and NEW's willingness to photograph the times, and lives of the rural area south of Dayton in the early 20th Century.  Here is the iconic photo of the rental house in 1909-10, prior to the birth of Paul Henry Weaver in this home at the Corner today of Walnut and West Main.   During my recent trip to West Carrollton, I revisited the home, that likely in the 1910 Census, was 137 Main Street where he is listed as a Bill Clerk at a Paper Mill. (Likely Friend Paper Company in West Carrollton) He last listing in the Dayton City Directory was in 1907 as a stenographer at NCR, Dayton, living in Miamisburg.
 Here is a poster created by Sarah Allison of the West Carrollton OH Historical Society, with her catchy title (likely a Biblical reference about the I get the arc of her visioning :-) to promote his work and the work of a cousin and contemporary photographer, Andy Snow )
Fred and Jeannette Weaver of Troy OH, Andy Snow, Photographer from Dayton,  Tom Weaver, this author from Minnesota, and Sarah Allison, curator West Carrollton Historical Society, Photo by Jerry Allison of WC, June 2014.

Sarah invited me and Andy Snow to meet at the Victorian Home on Central in WC to meet and look at the venue for an exhibit featuring the work of both NE Weaver and Andy Snow.

For fun I scanned this NEW photo of a man on the Great Miami River.  Not sure who it is.  And here is the water of the river likely before the 1913 flood.
 Great Miami River about 1908 by N Elwood Weaver
 View of the Paper and Envelop Company in West Carrollton in the early 20th Century by NEWeaver Looking NW with westerly wind and black smoke.  Great Miami River and town of West Carrollton in the back ground. 
The simpler times at the local swimming hole.  Perhaps Hole's Creek or part of the Great Miami by NEW 
Another scene of the Old Swimming Hole , Hole's Creek? By NEW Early 20th Century, with calm waters. 
Tom Weaver with old photo from ca 1910, 2014 June Main Street West Carrollton OH
 I have been researching Noah Elwood and Edna Eicher Weaver's story living on Main Street. Jeannette and I visited the house I discerned my dad was born in Dec 24, 2014. Beautiful day, and working to discern who might be in the photos in NEW's photos as neighbors.
Photo of home at Walnut and Main today with Jeanette - On our way to the meeting, and did not realize that Andy Snow had used a photo ?by NEW? and it is hard to know, as the negatives were destroyed by my mom, after dad died.  So glad I rescued the photo albums and that Andy Snow was able to find the 1913 photos. 

 Photo of corner of todays Walnut and W Main, perhaps, and likely taken by Noah Elwood Weaver featured on page 66 of A Flood of Memories.  Published through the Miami Conservancy District.

Andy Snow's photo on p 67 of A Flood of Memories....

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