Thursday, July 10, 2014

1929 and later Ohio photos by Noah Elwood Weaver, Green Album

 Here at the beginning of a Green Album, format 7 1/4 x 11 1/4, in 1930 (see car license), 1) above, Billy and Hattie with Bobby in her lap, 2) below,  are Billy and Bobby and William B Weaver, their father,  on the Weaver family farm sect 3, Miami Twp, above Miamisburg OH .  Photo by uncle Noah Elwood Weaver who was born on this farm, now living in West Carrollton.
1930-31 Photo on Weaver farm, woman farm hand with baby, Hattie Weaver, Bobby on top of hay mound, William B Weaver and farm hand in hat. P 6, Green Album by NEW.  Bobby on dad's back in stubble field.
William Benton Weaver Sr, with Bobby Weaver (b 1929) on hay mound  ca 1930-31, Weaver family farm,  page 6, Noah Elwood Weaver Green Album 
P 12 1929 Mystery man training a dog, (German Shepard?) in back yard with brick wall. Older man with blonde boy (same is baseball uniform boy below?) with backyard quartz rock feature. Dayton area?
1929 Page 12 B  Young man training German sheperd in back  yard, with young blonde boy looking on.  Noah Elwood Weaver Green 1929-1930's album
 P 13, 1929 Some kind of park with the dog training family here. Above 1) Blonde boy with baseball outfit, Paul Henry Weaver , young man with leash, who trains the dog , young man with vest (As PH Weaver, my dad, went to Antioch College in nearby Yellow Springs, I wonder if these are some of the connections he made (no labels)  2) Older man with plaid tie, by car. 3) Young dog trainer man, 2 young women, BB boy older couple" with dog, man with plaid tie. 4) Vest man, gir, dog and PHW with dog trainer.

1929 Boy in Baseball outfit, with dad, names/ and dog. Park?  Noah Elwood Weaver and 1929 licensed car.  Woman with German Shepard dog.  Park building.  NEW Green Album P 14

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