Sunday, July 13, 2014

1931 Camping Lake Erie Noah Elwood and Edna Weaver with Tom, Gladys Roehm families Beach Scenes

P 19 1931 Ca Green Album Pleasant Point Tourist Camp - on the rocky shore of Lake Erie  near Sandusky Bay - First Photo, perhaps 3 boys from far left and 2 on shore, then Tom Roehm far right, Site of Pleasant Point Tourist Camp with Sign.  Three women "floating" with swimmer out in the lake - Single woman NE Weaver  

Enlarged image with 3 boys from L to R, Tom Roehm at Right 
Enlargement p 19 of 1931 Ca scene of three families camping. 
 P 20 Green Album of NE Weaver's  Ca 1931 L Marblehead Light House, with 4 figures by the door.

Above, Camp Site on Rocky Shore (Pleasant Point Tourist Camp sign on Page 19 above),  Below, NEW likely with Edna "floating" in Lake Erie,  Tom Roehm and Edna Eicher Weaver on a rock ledge.

P 21 Gladys and Tom Roehm on rocky shore,  Tom and a third woman (not Edna on rock)  Gladys on the rocky shore from behind by Noah Elwood Weaver, Green Album ca 1931

Green Album 1931 more grassy campsite near Lake Erie? Card players, Tom Roehm, dark haired women, Edna E Weaver, Gladys Roehm. Sandy Beach with swimmers,  
Table with Gladys, Curlyhaired woman, boy, Edna Weaver, Tom Roehm with cup. 
Card players at a distance.  By NE Weaver 
1931  Tom Roehm, Boy, Laurence ?, black haired woman, Edna Weaver, Gladys Roehm campsite with white benches.   Fisherman likely in Lake Erie.   View of Camp site with White Benches.
I returned to Marblehead this past week, to see where they might have camped, and no tourist camps left here in the 21st century.  

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