Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rotary Boys Honored Faribault 1965

I found this in our Voyageur Yearbook, when looking forward to meeting up with David Currer in the UK. Not sure where all of us are today, David and I have the darkest glasses rims, was quite the style back then. Likely I will drive around a rotary or two in the UK. I first found them driving there in the 70's, now we even have them in Minnesota. Still living in the circle of life! Lars Olsson of Sweden has not responded for our reunions, and Greg Larsen lives in Denver. You can find his photo on this blog in August. Paul Dragsten Jim Ohnstad and Paul Onkka live around the Twin Cities, and Greg Kieffer in Faribault. Fred Zahn in San Diego CA, not sure about Ken Beaupre and Jim Palan

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