Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Gary and Charlie Enger with Uncle Gaylord Bettcher WWII Veteran

Here is my friend Gary Engler, nephew of Gaylord Betcher, veteran of service in Africa, Italy, France and Germany from 1941-1945 presenting him with a new collection of his photos from 4 years of service. Charlie, in the background is Gary's youngest son, who is just back from teaching in Korea. We shared stories on the drive down from the Cities. Gary's uncle Gaylord, served in 13 different actions of the conflict, trained as a search light technical soldier, he has photos from training in California, Florida and times in Africa, Italy, France and Germany, all documented in this book. It is said he was the first man across the Rhine on a pontoon bridge and was early through the Siegfried Line with the 63rd near the end of the European Conflict. His nephew Gary directed the creation of this book and a DVD shown at the event last night at Scott Hosier WWII series in Rocherster MN. Uncle Gay now has this book to share with his friends in Rochester and Mezeppa MN.

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