Monday, September 21, 2009

Cowles-Cole Family Tree 1915 Copy by Col Calvin Cowles, Hartford CT

I scanned this corner of the Cowles Family Tree, that I remember haning in our home in Faribault for many years to prepare for my visit to the UK and the land of my ancestors. On the copy I read "Original made about 1850, in the possession of William A Cowles, Washington DC of John, Samuel, Joseph, Ebenezer, Elisha, Roswell, George line. Above COWLES, "John 1685 born in England, Massachusetts about 1635, removed to Hartford, Conn, to Farmington 1645 (?) and Hatfield Mass 1649-66 "
I have found references that John was from Gloucestershire, and am looking for genealogical references and hope to stop in Gloucester near the Cotswolds on my trip in the next two weeks. I have found some information on line, that his father was a James Cole and that the name was change in the Colonies to avoid confusion with other Coles. My lineage is: Trunk, 1598 John 1675, First branch 1639 Samuel 1691, Second branch 1661 Samuel 1748, Third 1685 Thomas 1751, Fourth 1716 Josiah 1791, Fifth 1742 Gameliel - end original tree document--later added: Sixth 1784 Leonard Hamlet Cowles 1861, (b Jan 16 1784 Southington CT) ,Seventh 1820 Georgiana Cowles (m Lewis Glessner Delaware OH, Georgiana b Feb 18, 1820 Delaware OH d Sept 1907 Findlay OH), Eighth 1853 Leonard Cowles Glessner (b Mar 17, 1853 Delaware OH d Nov 1936 Findlay OH m Emma Chappelear Sept 12 1877 Farmer City IL, Ninth 1885 Harry Chappelear Glessner (b Aug 17 1885, Sedalia MO, d Oct 27 1973 Findlay (m Inez Chase March 25 1908, 10th 1910 Margaret Mary Glessner (b June 3. 1910 Findlay OH, d Aug 10, 2007 Eden Prairie MN, M Paul Henry Weaver, Sept 14, 1935 Findlay OH, 11th 1947 Thomas Glessner Weaver (b Feb 18 1947, M Susan Johnson, May 31 1974 Minneapolis MN, 12th 1981 Nathan Blair Weaver (b June 18, 1981 Minneapolis MN)
1985 Jesse Macrorie Weaver (b April 26, 1985 Minneapolis. MN). So that is the lineage back to England. My oldest brother, James Cowles Weaver, b 1940 carries the family name into my generation.


  1. Amazing. I have the same family tree hanging above my mantle. I am a few brances below you. I would love to share information in order to update my document.

    1. Hey Fort, Tom here in Minnesota. Are you on I have my Family tree there for an update. I am a Mac User and have my family tree on Reunion Software. My direct email is Cell phone 612 281 5230. Where are you living, what city? I am in the Twin Cities. Have you been to Southington CT where the Cowles Family was? Have a great day. Tom

    2. Wow, I have the same tree as well, hanging in my living room! Our family is on the top left. Amazing to see how many Cowles there are!