Monday, June 14, 2010

1929 Post Cards Gallup to Winslow Arizona

When my mom, Peg and I talked the last years of her life, she spoke fondly of her trips to California on the Santa Fe with her parents. Here is one card mailed from Ashfork, March 11, where Harry C Glessner, my granddad, wrote to Inez, his wife "They had no cards of the hotel - it is just as pretty as ever. Next stop Winslow. Harry" White Linens in Gallup NM. I sense they saw only what the Santa Fe and the Fred Harvey folks in the 1920's marketed for them at the time. Gives me a sweet connection to another time when people connected on the trains.

Sent from Ashfork, March 11, 1929 to MIss Margaret Glessner, Grey Gables, Oberlin College, Oberlin Ohio "We are very near this now. Next stop Winslow. Dad"

Sent March 11, 1929 to Mrs Harry C Glessner, 204 Glendale Ave S, Findlay Ohio "This hotel is the one that was slightly noisy - They start a new hotel in April, which will be the finest of all. It will be on the other side of the track. Harry"

Here is the personal note sent to Peg, AKA Margaret Glessner on the same day after going through Winslow. I will be returning to Winslow this month to stay at the remodeled hotel that Susan and Paul already recommended this year. Hope to capture a photo there! Grateful for the family connection here.


  1. HiI there. Gosh I wish I could read the Chinese. This is not a product for sale. This is part of my family story and legacy to connect with my relatives and ancestors who have shared a journey on this planet earth.
    My Mom, Peg Weaver collected post cards and I have put them on my blog to honor her and my Grandfather Harry Glessner and his wife Inez whom I visited as a child in Ohio. Xie, Xie for your interest. Tom W

  2. Translation for the second comment:

    Please keep us updated with your blog! Have a happy mood!