Sunday, January 1, 2012

Honoring the Creation and Creator - Waters, and trees of life Eicher Cherry Highboy

Celebrating my learnings here for the New Year. In my journey to Australia, in 2011, i made it to the Indian Ocean near Perth where some of my two legged friends, Oak Tree and Jasmin were surfing at this beach. On my journey I got grounded to the earth by singing songs, and respecting the plant and animal nations on this continent where aboriginal peoples have been for over 60,000 years.
Singing in indigenous languages honors the land, the waters, rivers, the trees and plants. We are all related. Did some recording this past Friday with another man who modeled singing songs to honor the Creation and Creator in a good way. One day at a time, being the center of the medicine wheel. Here is an artist group Gabby Pahinui - Wahini U*i from 1975 who supports my spirit in being grounded half way to Asia in the middle of the Peace Ocean Pacific. Peace with every breathe and every step.

Henry Eicher and Emma Helena Eicher Married 20 Apr 1875 in Ellerton OH at the local Lutheran Church.

Here are Edna, their youngest child, Born 1885 with her brother Charles born 1883 at perhaps the age their parent may have purchased the cherry highboy in S Ohio.

Emma the eldest child was born in 1875, and was known as my Great Aunt Esther when I went back with my father to visit Ohio from MN. Here she is with Charles before Edna was born.

Here is Mark Mueller-Dahl of Northfield a cabinet maker and refinisher doing the hand sanding on the top, while I was hand rubbing boiled tung oil onto all the exposed sanded surfices. It was like I could feel the gratitude of the tree nation to re-energized the wood here to be used again in a good way. Thanks Mark for your respectful teaching here of how to do this in a good way.

Mark here noticing the grain coming alive with the tung oil being rubbed in,

Grateful for the finished tung oil here with this over 100 year old refurbished Shaker Style Cherry Highboy.
And to relax, thinking of Jasmin the Jiangsu Folk music sent by my Chinese Friend Tony Zhu.
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