Friday, June 12, 2015

1917 Weaver Family Farm, West of Miamisburg Ohio. Horse era on the farm.

 1917 photos from a large format album of Noah Elwood Weaver's.  One of the pages I labeled with the help of my dad, Paul H Weaver before he died in 1982.    Note calves on the left and the three horses with the split rail fence on the Weaver family farm, then run by Noah Elwoods brother William Benton Weaver. Their parents, Noah and Hattie still lived on the farm, and NEW, took many photos there. 
 1917 Paul Henry Weaver, my dad, at age 7, path on the family farm, on the hill above Miamisburg OHio.
 1917 Picking raspberries or blackberries along the fence row.  One of the many foster boys that worked with William Weaver on the farm, and PHW with Uncle Will's dog in the forground.
Uncle Will's dog.

1917 Uncle Will Weaver with his dog, and farm house in the background.  (One of my favorite action shots on the farm :-)  


  1. Tom, I have enjoyed your pictures. I was born and raised here in Miamisburg and go by the farm house on top of the hill often. I grew up next to Hillgrove cemetery. If you need any pictures or sleuthing for this area please contact me.

  2. Hi Steve, Thanks for the great offer. I talked with my cousin Billy and he wondered if the house his grandfather CA Eicher is still there and what it looks like now. 827 Central in Miamisburg - now I will write you an email too! Thanks Tom