Thursday, October 8, 2009

David Lunch at the Historic Spread Eagle in Midhurst

Earlier on our trip, I had noticed a pub at Stourhead called the Spread Eagle and shared some of my important energetic dreams- fantasies with David. So at the bottom of the hill in Midhurst we turned into the center of the town and then to top in off we found a parking spot in the rain behind this well preserved Inn, called the Spread Eagle Hotel and Spa. Voila" Trusting the process and the clues :-) Here is David next to the old leaded window where we enjoyed a splendid soup and beverage and I a proteinaceous lox like sandwich. In a brochure I read that Nazi leaders like Ribbentrop stayed here as they surveyed the land for their vision of conquest back in the day. Well, thankfully the Brits held them off! Ah yes, different eyes project different things onto a single animal spirit energy. Like reading the Bible, for me communication is a lot about metaphor! Thanks for the energies of the Spead Eagle and the fine nutrition.

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